Tyrone media teams up to publicize troops support project

The Daily Herald and 1340 WTRN radio are joining hands for a special campaign to help both the local Girl Scout and Brownie Scout troops and bring a touch of home to our local service men who are in Georgia preparing for deployment to Kosovo for a peace keeping mission.
The project has been named the “Big Scout Cookie Caper” and will only succeed with the help of the community.
Deb Lowder, the assistant leader of Girl Scout Troop 1218, along with Troop Leader Lyla Ammerman came up with the idea of raising local funds to send boxes of girl scout cookies to troops from Tyrone who currently are training in Georgia.
“My son is in Georgia training to go to Kosovo and he leaves in July,” said Lowder. “There are several there from Tyrone and our PA National Guard, Infantry Mechanized Unit, even though they have been split up.
“We thought this would be a good idea, and we had extra cookies,” Lowder added “It will be nice to do something for our guys, who may have ordered cookies but didn’t receive them before they left”.
In addition, Lowder added the importance of showing our hometown support and letting her son and others know that the community is behind them.
Those who wish to be a part of this local campaign can bring $3 or more in a contribution to either the office of The Daily Herald at 1016 Pennsylvania Ave. or to the studios of WTRN radio. A case of cookies are only $36. The drive will run until Friday, March 28th to assure that the cookies get to our service people as quickly as possible. All troops from our area will be included in the support promotion.
Besides helping and supporting our troops, the “Big Scout Cookie Caper” will also benefit five local scouting units including the Trinity Episcopal Church Brownie Scout Troop 1220 led by Mrs. Penn Dean from the Church of The Good Shepherd; Brownie Troop 1217 lead by Lyla Ammerman, the Church of The Good Shepherd; Cadet Troop 1213 led by Mary Jane Rudakwich; Girl Scout Jr. troop 1218 led by Lauder and her assistant, Cindy Gearhart; and Brownie Scout Troop 1231 led by Alvesta Boytim.
WTRN’s Cary Simpson, a veteran himself, added that “from personal experience, I know the importance of receiving a package from home. This is a great opportunity for Tyrone to help our GI’s who are training to go to other parts of the world. Let’s get together to benefit them and our local brownie and girl scout units”.
All of us here at The Daily Herald agree and each day we will keep everyone abreast of how much money is being collected. We hope to see everyone soon with your donations for this positive project.