TACM holds prayer and support service

“A call to prayer for our world in crisis,” was the theme for a special service at the First English Lutheran Church last evening. The service was in support of our troops as war was about to begin.
Approximtely 80 persons attending the touching service which opened with prayer by Pastor Terryann Talbot-Moses.
Also participating in the program, sponsored by Tyrone Area Cooperative Ministries (TACM), were the Rev. Norman Huff, Pastor Bob Smith, Dr. Dennis Reedy and Drew Baker.
In her welcome, Pastor Talbot-Moses said, “we gather as a community of God’s people to join ourselves around God’s word, unite our hearts in prayer,and come with Jesus to the table of the lord’s supper. The power of prayer is awesome and God not only hears our prayers but listens tp our prayers and wraps us in the embrace of his grace and love.
“Tonight is not about being pro or anti-war,” Talbot-Moses continued. “Tonight is not about political affiliation. Tonight is not about whether our president will or will not make the right decision. Tonight is about prayer and support. We come to immerse ourselves in God’s word. We come to hear the promises of God’s love and salvation. We come to unite our hearts together in an endless peti;tion of prayer. We come to give thanks to God for our freedom. We come to celebrate the joy we have as citizens of this great nation.
“We come to uphold our military troops who find themselves on the front lines,” said Talbot-Moses. “We pray for their protection. We pray for the families, loved ones and friends. We pray for the innocent in Iraq. We pray that from this time of unmcertainty can come peace for the whold world. Our prayers are the glue which holds us together as people of God and as a community.”
Scripture for the service was from Psalm 46, Psalm 103, Isaiah 40, Psalm 23 and Matthew 11:28-30.
Following the congregation praying the Lord’s Prayer and the singing of hymns, those attending shared in taking Communion.