Rachel Miller honored with Evan Pugh Scholar Award

Tyrone graduate Rachel Miller has been awarded the prestigious Evan Pugh Scholar Award from Pennsylvania State University.
This award honors those juniors and seniors who are in the upper .5 percent of their classes and have completed at least 48 graded credits from Penn State.
Miller is an elementary education major and is completing her student teaching with a third grade class at Benner Elementary School in Bellefonte. She will graduate in May.
“In the fall, I went Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I could be with the same class all year,” said Miller of her student teaching.
The way that Miller’s college classes were set up is so that in the fall semester she visited the class of Mrs. Judy Catherman, her host teacher at Bellefonte Elementary, on Tuesdays and Thursdays to become familiar with the 18 students and the surroundings of the building and the classroom. In the spring semester, which Miller is currently enrolled in, she goes to the elementary school everyday to student teach.
“Right now I’ve been mostly teaching all day. I have language arts, math and social studies,” said Miller. “That’s what I’ve been teaching right now. After spring break, I start my unit in science.”
The challenging part of the elementary education major is that Miller must create all of her own lesson plans and create them for every school subject. For example, the science unit that she is scheduled to teach after spring break is required to be 15 lessons long and last for at least two weeks.
Miller said at the beginning of her student teaching she was a little nervous to go up in front of the class, but now she feels like a pro.
“At the beginning I would sit and read over my lessons forever, but now I just need a little post-it note or something,” she said. “I can just go up and do them because I’m familiar with it.”
The spring semester ends in May, and that is when Miller will be able to graduate. She is already thinking about where she would like to work, and there is a job fair at Penn State in which she wants to attend to show her portfolio to prospective employers and get some interviewing skills.
“I hope to stay around this area,” Miller said of her hopes of finding a teaching job.
The Evan Pugh Scholar Award is one of a number of awards that Miller has been honored with since she has attended Penn State. She has received this award both as a junior and as a senior. There is a ceremony to honor Miller and other recipients of this award on April 27 at the Penn Stater.
“They give it for juniors and seniors. I think it’s an honor because I try so hard,” said Miller of receiving the award. “I mean I did well in high school, but I never had 4.0s in high school. I think in college I care more about it because this is what I want to do.”
Other clubs and honor societies that Miller is a member of include: Pi Lambda Theta, the National Education Association, the Pennsylvania State Education Association and the Pi Kappa Phi Honor Society.
She was on the Dean’s List for seven semesters. Other scholarships that she has been awarded include the Elsie and Gilbert Sealson Scholarship for $1,100 and the Virginia L. Gates endowed scholarship for $500.