Northern Blair Sewer Authority asks Tyrone to explain administrative charge

In a meeting that lasted just over 30 minutes, the Tyrone Borough Council took action on just two matters.
“The first item on the agenda is Ordinance 1196,” said Tyrone Borough Solicitor Larry Clapper. “This is an ordinance of the Borough of Tyrone that repeals Ordinance 1053 inacted on August 9, 1993. The following ordinance designated Phyllis Garhart, who is the director of administration for the Borough of Tyrone as the chief administrative officer for the borough’s Uniform Employees and Non-Uniformed Employees Pension Plan. This was a position that Mr. (Al) Drayovitch held. It is an administrative position. We need it to have certain documents signed on behalf of the pension plan. With Phyllis in the position she is in, as director of administration, she is in position to take on these duties.”
The mayor added, “She has been involved in these funds.”
Clapper continued, “She has a very good working knowledge of these funds.”
The mayor asked if the procedure was to repeal 1053 before enacting 1196, and Clapper told the council that enacting Ordinance 1196 would automatically repeal 1053.
Council Vice President Bill Latchford made the motion, Jennifer Bryan seconded, and the motion passed 8-0.
Clapper moved the discussion to the fire service agreement between the Borough of Tyrone and the Township of Snyder.
“This agreement has been in the works for a couple months,” said Clapper. “We’ve been going back and forth in regards to some of the language. I have recently spoke with the solicitor for Snyder Township (Allen Gibboney). We agreed on language to include in the fire services agreement with regard to release language. Snyder Township would release us from any lawsuits that Snyder would have control over. We worked out the language and he agreed and said he would bring it up as a special session of the Township Supervisors on Wednesday.”
After the discussion ended, council member Jim Beckwith made the motion to join into the fire service agreement with Snyder Township pending approval by the Snyder Township Board of Supervisors. The motion was seconded by Bill Latchford and passed 8-0.
During the public comment portion of the meeting, Charlie Diehl, the chairman of the Northern Blair Regional Sewer Authority asked council for confirmation on why it hasn’t been getting cooperation from Tyrone Borough on something we wanted.
“Our secretary/treasurer Leo Matuszewski asked for a breakdown on administrative costs to the NBRSA and we never got it,” said Diehl. Matuszewski stepped in to make a presentation to the council.
“A couple months ago, we sat down with Al Drayovitch, your ex-manager, and we had a very nice get together,” said Matuszewski. “I asked would you possibly give us a breakdown of what is involved in the administrative costs dealing with the waste water/treatment plant budget. He said no problem. Well weeks had gone by and we received nothing. So we asked again and again. Now several months have gone by and we had our solicitor draw up a letter to your solicitor Larry Clapper asking for his help in trying to get this information. At this point, we still don’t have any information.”
Matuszewski then passed out a copy to show council what he was talking about.
“I also would like to comment on the reconsiliation on March 10 and what a breath of fresh air,” said Matuszewski. “I want to thank that young man (Tim Nulton) in public for the great job he is doing.
“We only ask one question and it concerns treatment administration,” continued Matuszewski. “It shows a cost of $88,550. We want to know what is this and how do you break it out and break it down? We have never received an answer.”
“I have received a letter from the authority’s solicitor regarding their questions on treatment costs,” said Clapper. “I shared with that with Al Drayovitch at the time. I wish that Ray (Myers, Tyrone Borough engineer) and Tim (Nulton, sewer department head) were here. It was my understanding that Al had told me that he had sat down with Ray, Tim and Phyllis and he was getting that information together. I wouldn’t doubt that there are figures around here somewhere.”
“We just wanted to make it a part of the public record that we came and asked for the information,” said Matuszewski.
“If you’ll do me and Larry the courtesy, and I think I can speak for council here, let me get together with Phyllis and with Tim and with Ray and we will try to come up with an explaniation here,” said the mayor. “I have not seen this document before and neither has council.”
Matuszewski said he understood and made an analogy.
“If you took your car to a repair shop and you got a bill for $250, you would like to know what the $250 is for. That is where we are at.”
“Give us a couple days to do this,” said Stoner. “Give me some time to get the people to get together and we’ll get you an answer.”
In other notes from the public comment:
• Ray Liddick spoke about upcoming events concerning the Tyrone Community Partnership, to include the St. Patrick’s Day Irish Stew Celebration and other events that are in the plans.
• Tyrone resident Bill Fink announced to the council that he would be running for a seat in the upcoming election.
Following the meeting, council members Jim Beckwith and Jeffrey Watson announced to The Daily Herald that they would be seeking re-election.
“I didn’t feel the need to do this in a public forum of the meeting,” said Beckwith who has served over 20 years on borough council.
Tyrone Borough Council will meet Monday, April 1 at the Tyrone Municipal Building. The meeting starts at 7 p.m.