Bartlett earns designation from AHA

The American Hospital Association Certification Center has recently announce that Thomas G. Bartlett III has earned the designation of Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management.
The CPHRM is a national credential that distinguishes an individual as being among the elite in a critical field of healthcare management.
“With the everchanging environment of healthcare, management of risk in healthcare facilities has become extremely vital and it is very important to the success of our hospital,” said Bartlett.
Bartlett is chief executive officer at Tyrone Hospital. He is a seasoned healthcare executive with more than 25 years of experience managing small to mid-size community hospitals. A native of Tennessee, Mr. Bartlett has been in executive leadership positions in hospitals in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Alabama.
His educational background includes a Masters degree of Public Health and Health Administration from the University of North Carolina, a Masters in Health Science, and a Masters degree in Education from the University of Florida. He has also achieved advanced studies in Executive Health and Administration at Ohio State University.
He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Florida. In addition, he has earned the status of diplomate in the prestigious American College of Healthcare Executives.
To earn the CPHRM, an individual must satisfy eligibility requirements that incorporate a blend of work experience and education, agree to adhere to Professional Standards of Conduct, and pass the CPHRM examination.
The CPHRM Examination tests knowledge required of a competent healthcare risk manager in the areas of loss prevention/reduction, claims management, risk financing, regulatory/accreditation compliance, operations, and bioethics. The CPHRM Program supports the community of healthcare risk managers and is designed to provide an objective and rigorous assessment of professional knowledge.
The AHA Certification Center offers certification in four healthcare disciplines. In addition to Certified Professionals in Healthcare Risk Management, the AHA Certification Center recognizes Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professionals, Certified Healthcare Facility Managers, and Certified Materials and Resource Professionals.
Further information may be obtained by calling the AHA Certification Center at 312/422-3715 or visiting the Web site of the American hospital Association at