Tiger and Bear cubs make WTRN debut

Many of you remember the good old days of radio. The days of radio theatre.
Those days return to WTRN tomorrow morning, when the Tiger and Bear Cubs of Pack 300 present the play Cactus Jack and his Wonder Horse, Wildcat.
The group will perform its play tomorrow morning following the WTRN 10 a.m. news.
The idea behind the program came when the Bear Cubs were doing their communications unit.
The play stars Ryan Isenberg as the announcer. Jarrad Fuoss plays Cactus Jack. Marcus Wagner plays the Stranger and Tyler Ray is Little Nell.
The Cub Scouts were joined by 14-year-old Philip Kreckel as they made the journey.
“We were working on the communications block for their requirements for their badges,” said Kreckel. “It took us about 15 to 20 minutes to get prepared for the program and it was a fun time for the kids.”
“Philip is a Boy Scout, but is assigned to the cub scouts den,” said Peter Kreckel, one of the area Boy Scout leaders. “He goes to every meeting and he helps out with different skits and things. We did a couple different skits during the Blue and Gold banquet earlier this year. The kids enjoy doing these things. They like working with the older kids and usually have a lot of fun doing it.”
WTRN owner Cary Simpson enjoyed working on the project with the kids.
“It was just great because the kids get into it right away,” said Simpson. “Kids at that age have wonderful imaginations. They right away caught on to what they were siupposed to do. The kids who were going to do the sound effects went into a corner and practiced their sound effects, the kids who were going to sing went to practice and the kids who had the speaking parts went into their group. Then they all came into the studio and put the whole thing together.”
Simpson donates his station for many community projects. This one was no different.
“I think the adult leaders got into it completely,” said Simpson. “They were just as excited and they got a great big kick out of the kids. They tied it in with their communications block. After they recorded the program, they held a study session about communications here in the studio. They mentioned the newspaper, smoke signals, the internet and many ways to communicate. The kids thought these things up. They are so smart at that age and have the imagination that people who are older just don’t use anymore.”
Radio once had the slogan “Theatre of the mind.”
It returns to WTRN tomorrow morning at 10:15 a.m.