Streetscape balancing tops Tyrone Borough Council meeting last night

In a meeting that took 29 minutes and had three people in the audience, the Tyrone Borough Council unanimously approved the final Streetscape construction cost summary and balancing of overruns and underruns prepared by Pellegrini Engineers last night.
In a 7-0 vote, with council person Sharon Dannaway absent, the council approved the total construction cost of $1,082,000 of the $1,085,000 allotted for the project. The remaining $3,000 will be used to purchase trash receptacles for placing throughout town.
Council also was brought up to speed by Borough Manager Al Drayovitch on the moving of $80,000 of funds that was allotted for the construction of a train platform at the Bud Shuster Intermodal Transportation Center to Streetscape. Drayovitch spoke of a memo dated January 10, 2003 from Richard Haines of the Blair County Metropolitan Planning Organization regarding the project. The borough manager stated that in a conversation with Jim Pruss of PENNDOT regarding Phase IIA of Streetscape, Pruss advised that as soon as they receive the Federal approval for this transfer, PENNDOT will prepare the reimbursement agreement for the Phase IIA Streetscape Project in the amount of $310,000 and forward it to the Borough.
Drayovitch also brought to council a letter from Father Joseph Orr of the St. Matthew’s Church concerning the lack of storm drains on 11th Street. The church is looking into additional renovations but doesn’t want to add to the storm-water-run-off problem on 11th Street.
Borough Engineer Ray Myers and Vern Latchford of the highway department are investigating the problem.
Drayovitch also spoke of the 2003 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) allocation.
The 2003 monies are approximately one month behind.
“The funds are expected to be one month late,” said Phyllis Garhart. “We are going ahead and proceeding with our hearings and identifying our activities.”
“The proposal for 2003 that money, most of it is earmarked for the pool I think,” said Drayovitch. “Since council has put that large grant application in earmarked CDBG and General Fund money as matches for that. We don’t know and probably won’t know for sometime for that. We could tentatively designate it for that and the council could change that at anytime. All we need to do is have a hearing and do that. The other thing Phyllis did was include some prior years information because the deadline for expending the 2000 money is running close, I think at the end of this year.”
Garhart stated, “when we submit the 2003 application, we have to put a report in there. They want you to only have 1.5 percent of your current allocation left unspent and we’re at 3.2 percent. So we have moved some of that around in order to get it down below the 1.5 percent.”
Drayovitch asked the council to schedule a public hearing in February so the issue can come before the council in the March meeting.
In other council news:
• Council talked about the PENNDOT traffic survey of Adams Avenue and 20th street. The alternatives recommended by PENNDOT weren’t feasible according to the borough manager and police chief.
• The council discussed the joint grant application between the Tyrone School District and the Borough of Tyrone to fix the erosion at Schell Run.
• Council unanimously voted to allow the Tyrone Rotary Club use of Reservoir Park for Farm City Day on September 13.
• Council unanimously voted to pay the yearly allotment of agreements with the Altoona Blair County Development Corporation of $6,000.