PENNDOT says no major paving projects planned for Tyrone Boro

There will be no traffic problems in Tyrone this spring and summer caused by paving projects.
The state Department of Transportation has announced that no major paving will be done in the borough in 2003.
PENNDOT’s Tom Hafer told The Daily Herald that until the borough decides what to do with all the utilities on Washington Avenue, nothing will be done to add new pavement extending from Third Street at the Pizza Hut restaurant, to downtown Tyrone. Hafer added that this section of the borough is PENNDOT’s number one priority for the community and it is committed to finishing the job.
Money has been allocated for the project and the borough will not lose the funding while it waits to secure the finances needed to do the infrastructure. The paving portion of the plan would be a single or two day project, and now is being looked at for 2004.
Tyrone Mayor Pat Stoner agrees that the infrastructure is the hold up.
“All of the utilities are in a single trench on top of each other. We need to dig down, widen the trench and lay the gas, sewer and water side by side,” she said. “I’m looking into more details on the cost.”
After this portion of the project is completed, PENNDOT will take the pavement down 17 inches and finish the needed project.
“We can do it halfway or do it right” said Stoner. “It’s a major job and not a small job, but if the public and residents want it paved, then she’ll be happy to do it.”
Drainage problems on Washington Avenue has caused water problems in homes. According to PENNDOT, if blacktop is added now, it could cause more drainage problems.
The mayor, who serves on two PENNDOT boards, is discussing the situation with the agency and wants to make sure the borough doesn’t do anything were it could lose money.
PENNDOT did add that Route 4023 (old Route 220), from the paper mill to Bald Eagle, will be paved this summer. And Mayor Stoner added that Streetscape Two will be completed as well.