Newly-formed Secret Sisters Club at the Pennsylvania House

The Secret Sisters Club, a newly-formed organization at the Pennsylvania House in Tyrone, held its first ever function for residents last Thursday, February 13. The Valentine’s Day party was full of food and entertainment as the Keystone Boom Klackers performed at the event.
“We’re here for the people and to help the people,” said Secret Sisters Club member, Marcia York. “What our intentions are is to help anyone in here that needs it. What we eventually hope to do is expand to where we can go out into the community and help.”
The members of the club include: York, Barb Woytowiez, Darlene Schmidt, Doris Garber, Frisky Smith, Marlene McClellen, Ellie Laird, Sharon Albert and Jimburd Williams. The club meets once a month, on every second Wednesday. Started in November of 2002, the Secret Sisters Club is in its beginning stages, and The Valentine’s party was the first planned event.
“We decided to do this because so many people in here don’t have any family that comes to see them,” said York. “We thought that this would be a nice thing to show a community within a community helping each other.
“We decided that in this building something needed to be done for the people to try to get them out of their apartments, to make them want to come out, to get them more involved and more active.”
According to York, the Pennsylvania House has 100 apartments, and approximately 110-115 residents. She would like other activities to be planned for the residents by the club like starting a crafts time, or putting puzzles together and then mounting them to be placed around the building.
“We just have a lot of ideas, but right now we toss it about, and then compromise,” she said.
For the Valentine’s event, there was plenty of decorations and food. Also, York said that the party got a better turn-out than the club had anticipated.
The entertainment was the Keystone Boom Klackers, which is comprised of 16-18 members of entirely senior citizens. They brought their own instruments and passed out clackers to the members of the audience, so that everyone got involved with the polka music that was played.
“We thought that if we brought in some entertainment, maybe the elderly would enjoy it,” said York.
The Boom Klackers started about fifteen years ago, and they travel to different functions all over the area. The members are from Altoona, Everett, Hollidaysburg and other local areas. The group receives only donations, and it gives this money to charities.
York said that next up for the Secret Sisters Club is to start planning for spring events and Mother’s Day.