Local discussion wanted

Did you know Tyrone has its own official website? And that it’s now celebrating its first seven months of existence? Local and past residents have been slow to find, but that isn’t stopping the optimism from the sites owners and developers. Open Door Vision’s Rick Gorrity says the feedback has been positive from those that hit the communities website.
“Most have been from our of state, checking in during the football season and asking for more local features on the website” Gorrity said.
Open Door Visions, located on Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Tyrone, started the website as a place where residents both near and far can discuss and exchange knowledge of Tyrone’s present and past.
“It was not about money” said Gorrity.
Although sponsors can be a part of the website and guarantee its growth. Gorrity goes on to say that one of the early ideas besides passing on the local news that appears on the pages of The Daily Herald was to make the site a home for high school graduates to stay in touch with each other.
“That has happened and most of the response is from former residents out of the state”. Gorrity said. “We would like that to change!”
More local involvement with the site and the discussion boards is what continues to drive Open Door Visions. Residents can go into the specific categories of discussion boards and complain, debate and do it anonymously. While certain filtering will take place involving foul language, most posts on the various boards will not be edited.
You can vent on what is going on in downtown Tyrone, the local sports scene or use it just as a area to stay in touch with former friends. While thousands and thousands of people have stayed in touch with the news back home through the website, Open Door Visions continues to spread the word that it can be a true community asset, a place to read local news, a place to voice opinions, and a place for visitors to seek information for tourism dollars to come to Tyrone and lastly the one stop site for former residents to stay in touch with what’s going on in their old hometown.
The website address is