Improvements to Hobbit Hollow Road tops Tyrone Township meeting

Residents of Tyrone Township discussed further plans to improve Hobbit Hollow Road as the main issue at last night’s meeting. Nine people from the township attended the session along with the supervisors, Raymond Paul, Donna Kerlin and John W. Burket. Engineer Joe Keller represented landowner Dale Furry in the matter.
Several issues still need to be addressed in the improvements of the road including: relocation of the poles, drainage, grating and bringing the road up to specifications of the new plan.
A concerned resident questioned the supervisors by saying, “Why did you have a meeting only a week and a half ago? Why hasn’t anything happened since several months ago from the October meeting? As residents we’ve been here a lot of times.”
The residents are concerned that the road is taking longer than expected to be completed. Bidding between Verizon and Penelec should take place in the next two weeks, and a general cost and plan will be submitted to Furry for the road improvements. The township will also need to agree with the proposed plans of improvement for the road. The issue will be discussed further at the next meeting.
“What I’m hoping is that we can come up with some numbers that Dale (Furry) can live with to get the road to a suitable condition that the township can take it over, and everyone can be happy with,” said Keller.
Other business discussed was subdivisions of land for Robert and Phyllis Good and subdivisions for Jim and Jay Keller. Both subdivisions are on hold because of needed modifications to their plans because of a township ordinance that requires all lots of subdivisions to front a public street. Right now each subdivision wants to have private lots with private roads, but this could cause problems for the township in the future if individual landowners seek township maintenance for the road.
In old business, the results of the 2003 re-organization of the board are as follows: chairman, Raymond Paul: vice-chairman, Donna Kerlin; secretary/treasurer, John W. Burket and solicitor, Larry Clapper.
Jody Wallace welcomed the board to a meeting at Fort Roberdeau on January 30, 2003 from 7-9 p.m. to see a presentation from Penn State students on a water study of the valley. She also announced that the fort had purchased the Robert and Phyllis Good property.
The Tyrone Township monthly meetings are the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.