Tyrone Hospital to sponsor tobacco cessation program

Are you tired of chewing gum that tastes like tin foil? Tired of putting a sticky patch on your arm each and every morning? Sick of going outside with co-workers to suck on a piece of licorice?
If so, and you still want to quit smoking, register for the new, Quit Now program at Tyrone Hospital.
“We’re sponsoring this program in the interest of good health,” said Director of Cardiopulmonary Services at TAH Shirley Kooken. “We’re hopng people realize the dangers of smoking and that they also notice that we’re providing a service to help them stop.”
The program is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The program is for smokers and those who use chewing tobacco. There is no charge to those interested, but space is limited.
Quit Now is a four-week program that is appropriate for all tobacco users. It is for first-time quitters, as well as those who have tried to kick the habit numerous times.
Kooken said for some tobacco users, it may take three or four attempts to quit for good; however, this does not mean that a person cannot succeed on their first try.
“Every time a person tries to quit, they increase their chances for ultimate success,” she said.
The Quit Now program was designed locally by Dan Irvin, pharmacist at Community Pharmacy. He will also administer the program, which is scheduled to begin Feb. 12.
The program content addresses a variety of topics including education to help people understand that tobacco use is both a psychological and physical addiction. Information is provided on overcoming addiction, the use of nicotine alternatives, stress management, nutrition and cravings.
There is also instruction regarding how to deal with situations that trigger the urge to use tobacco.
Kooken said the group classes offer a lot of support as everyone who attends the tobacco cessation classes has a common goal and the opportunity to share individual coping strategies in a group setting.
Quit Now is available at no charge as a result of funds allocated to Tyrone Hospital through the tobacco control programs. Kooken said funds were allocated to TAH to link the public to existing tobacco control programs.
A portion of the funds allocated to the hospital are designated for tobacco cessation programs certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The Quit Now program is the only tobacco cessation program in the immediate area that is certified.
“We are pleased to be able to sponsor Quit Now and make it available at Tyrone Hospital,” said Kooken.
The hospital has formed a multi-disciplinary team to address the tobacco control programs. Kooken said other funds allocated to Tyrone Hospital are designed for linking people to chronic disease programs and planning is underway.
Quit Now classes begin on Wednesday, Feb. 12 and are held the next four Wednesdays that follow: Feb. 19 and 26, and March 12. Each program begins at 7:30 p.m. and ends at 9 p.m. Each class will present an opportunity for a question and answer period.
Program brochures are available for pick-up in the main lobby of at Tyrone Hospital. To enroll in the Quit Now tobacco cessation program call 684-1255, extension 314.