Routine business conducted Monday at meeting of B-A school officials

Routine school board business supplemented talks of the auditorium project and green space at Bellwood-Antis School District’s voting meeting Monday evening.
John Huber, an auditor with Young, Oakes, Brown and Co., presented the audit to the board which showed the revenue exceeded the expenditures in 2001-02 general fund by $115,000. In the athletic fund, the district needed to transfer $78,000 over from the general fund for subsidization.
The biggest increase was shown in the Cafeteria Fund where revenues exceeded expenditures by $9,000.
“We have never really seen revenue exceeding expenditures in our cafeteria fund before,” said Kuhns. “I think we really need to commend our Food Service Director Kathy Decker for everything she has brought to the district. We have a really good manager here.”
Kuhns said Decker is in her second year in the position.
Kuhns also commended maintenance workers Duane Hollen and Bob Mullen for their work with technology. Kuhns said a district teacher and computer coach e-mailed him to stress the “great job” these guys do.
“I must say these men do an outstanding job here at the school,” said Kuhns. “They deserve the credit.”
Kuhns also commended Huber and his firm, Young, Oakes, Brown and Co., for their services as auditors to the district over the past 14 years.
The board also approved, with an 8-1 vote, to reorganize the supervisor of federal programs, curriculum, testing, grant writing and English as a Second Language position as an administrative assistant position with principal’s certification required for the upcoming school year.
Board member John Shaffer cast the dissenting vote, claiming such a position should not be advertised for until a replacement for district Superintendent Dr. Rodney Kuhns is found. Dr. Kuhns is retiring at the end of the 2002-03 academic year.
In other business, the board unanimously approved:
•President Ken Loucks’ attendance at the annual Federal Relations Network Conference on Feb. 2-4 in Washington, D.C.;
•authorized the addition of a bus stop at the intersection of East Fourth Street and Rt. 865 for students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade who reside on the right-hand side of 865 North. A state Department of Transportation study indicates that vehicular traffic on 865 meets the requirements to qualify as a hazardous route for both elementary and secondary students who must walk across 865 en route to school;
•to deny a request of Mountain Laurel Day Care and Pre-School Inc. for transportation services. The area on the left side of 865 North and east side of the main rail line to the school is not designated as hazardous and therefore does not qualify for transportation;
•the authorization for the administration to advertise for bids for general supplies and equipment for the 2003-04 school year;
•Crystal Orsino as the bus driver for D6P at a rate of $10.65 per hour, effective Dec. 4, 2002. She is also a full-time van driver and will continue in that capacity;
•maternity leave for Alice Flarend from March 3 through May 5. This will be tentative, subject to Alice’s physician’s approval;
•maternity leave for Heather Prestash from Feb. 27 through May 20. She is requesting 37 days of unpaid leave after exhausting her sick and personal time;
•an extension to the medical leave of absence for Karen Gibbons until March 3;
•Dawn Frank, one hour; Paula Carlson, one hour; Sally Padula, two hours; and Alice Flarend, one hour, to provide alternative education for a 12th grade student a total of five hours per week for the second marking period at the rate of $24.18 per hour;
•the following volunteers for the elementary boys’ basketball program pending receipt of clearances: Jeff Steffen, Kris Wolfe, Mike Isola, Ken Denny. Bill McCrum and Buddy Austin;
•Steve Conlon as head varsity baseball coach at a salary of $2,621.57 for the 2002-03 season;
•the following substitutes: Paula Pheasant, teacher, music certification; Karen Cooper, teacher, social studies certification; Jamie Baumgardner, teacher, secondary English certification; Robin DeShong, teacher, chemistry certification; Brent Gerwert, teacher, elementary certification; and Donald Dull Jr., teacher, social studies certification. Each of these individuals have the proper clearances;
•the following curriculum chairpersons: Ruda Burns for English for grades K-4 at a stipend of $416.04; Lee Hoffman for Math for grades K-4 at a stipend of $416.04; and Susan Nycum for reading for grades 5-8 at a stipend of $391.04;
•the revision of the title of musical stage manager and assistant stage crew advisor to music department aide at a salary of $1,714.04;
•the revised effective date of Dec. 16, 2002 for Steve Conlon as Title I Math Support. The date of Jan. 2, 2003 was approved at the December board meeting;
•to accept the resignation of Richard Hoy for the purposes of retirement effective at the end of the 2002-03 school year.