Elementary wrestlers place at Claysburg Wrestling Tournament

The following Tyrone Elementary and Jr. High Wrestlers participated in the Annual Elementary Wrestling Tournment at Claysburg High School on December 28th.
Contestants are listed first by age group, then placement and weight class.
Age 6 and under, Ty Snyder, 2nd place; Dakota Cowfer, 3rd place, at 38 lbs; Derreck Garber 2nd at 43 lbs., Nicholas Getz 3rd place and Kirby Tucker, 4th place at 55 lbs., Jarid Beckwith, 3rd place and Elijah Sleeth, 1st place at 60 lbs. 7-8 age group, Darren Reese at 55 lbs, Corey Snyder & Michael Sleeth, 2nd place at 65 lbs, Christian Getz at 70 lbs, Caleb Snyder at 80 lbs. 9-10 age group, Mark McMionigal at 65 lbs, Ben Smereker at75 lbs. 11-12 age group, A.J. Shope, 3rd at 70 lbs. Junior High Wrestlers Brian Sullins at 105, Jacob Smereker & John Paul Gaines at 116 lbs.