Diehl to run for Snyder supervisor

Snyder Township resident Charlie Diehl has decided to throw his hat in the ring and run for a six-year term as Snyder Township Supervisor. He will be challenging Ray Rogers for the seat that is up for election.
“I have too many people calling me and telling me to run,” said Diehl, “after what I have seen going on by attending meetings at the Township and realize that we are in trouble.”
Diehl, a former chairman of the supervisors, was defeated in 2001 by current chairman Jim Daughenbaugh.
In the eight years Diehl served as a supervisor, Snyder Township did not see a tax increase.
“We were paving about $30,000 per year and invested in a few new trucks and increased paving to $100,000 per year,” said Diehl. “We didn’t raise taxes and I am out just one year and they raise taxes.”
Diehl also addressed the parks and recreation issue.
The field for Bald Eagle Little League and Teener League has been shut down by the Department of Environmental Protection because it was built on wetlands.
“We still don’t have that ball field settled yet,” said Diehl. “We need to get that addressed.”
Another issue that has helped Diehl decide to run for supervisor is the way the Pyramid Healthcare project was handled.
“This Pyramid bit has me very concerned,” said Diehl. “There should have been public meetings and public comments before that came in. It was slid in. They are there now and you have to accept them. That is all there is to it.”
Diehl believes that Snyder Township needs to look at the future.
“Snyder Township with the finishing of I-99 needs to get some form of land controls,” said Diehl. “The boys that are supervisors right now don’t have the forward thinking to plan for I-99.”
Diehl says what is done by the supervisors is controlled by the people.
“The people have to decide what they want,” said Diehl. “You can’t say do it to my neighbor and not to me. The people of Snyder Township need to get to the meetings and tell the supervisors what they want and expect. Stand back and holler but don’t go to the meetings and voice your opinion is what is happening now. If the people don’t go to the meetings and voice their concerns, complaints or opinions, how is the Board of Supervisors supposed to know what the people want, and what we have in there now don’t listen.”
I am running against Mr. Rogers because he is in charge of the highways.
“He has turned back some roads to PENNDOT that are in terrible shape,” said Diehl. “They did no ditching, no cleaning of the ditches, no berming of the roads or anything. They are going to break up something fierce. That is why I am running.”
Diehl said over a dozen people have personally approached him to run for the position, and he has had many phone calls.
“I have lived in Snyder Township my whole life with the exception of my hitch in the military,” said Diehl. “It’s been good to me. I’ve had a business in Snyder Township that is still going strong; my son is running it now. The people of Snyder Township have been good to me. That is why I decided to give something back. Everybody is supposed to leave their mark when they leave this world. You are put here to do some good.”