Ye Olde House decorating contest winners announced

Tyrone sure looks good this holiday season.
Pennsylvania Avenue and West Tenth Street are sparkling with the new light decorations, the tree in front of the post office is shimmering with beauty, and even a good number of the homes are shining bright with Christmas spirit.
This morning, Darlene Cupp, an organizer of the Fourth Annual Ye Olde House decorating contest and member of Yuletyme Tyrone Committee, announced that Wilbur Morrissey of 2111 Lincoln Avenue took first place honors in this year’s contest.
“His home was just beautiful,” said Cupp this morning. “He made everything himself and made his home look just marvelous.”
For his efforts, which includes more than 20, hand-made and painted wooden items that are prominently displayed in his front yard, he was awarded a gold Christmas ball with a cherub perched atop holding a scroll that reads: “Yuletyme House Decorations 2002,” made by Tyrone’s Mary Lou Calderwood, a local artesian.
His art includes a Santa and sleigh with reindeer, polar bears, a moose, poinsettias, small angels, an angel with a harp, four penguins, an ice-skating Santa and Mrs. and Mrs. Claus.
“That’s his thing and he loves doing it,” said Betty Morrissey, Wilbur’s wife, who was at home this morning while he was out doing some last minute Christmas shopping. “He started this about ten years ago and has been adding something new to the display each year.
“In fact, we just bought three patterns for next year.”
According to Cupp, Morrissey was deserving of the first-place award because he scored the highest points in the categories of overall appearance, original material used and effort.
“Mr. Morrissey made all of the decorations, including the painting,” said Cupp. “What a lot of hard work and worthy of being number one.”
The second place award, a red Christmas ball with a snowman perched on top, was given to Sue Montgomery of 810 15th Street.
Cupp said the plethora of exterior lighting was enough for the second place award, but she added that the inside of the home was most impressive.
“Mrs. Montgomery’s home is not only amazing on the outside you should see the inside,” said Cupp.
Judges, however, did not vote on what Montgomery did on the inside, which included the removal of all her living room furniture to make room for a Christmas village display.
Mary Lou Nelson of 908 Washington Ave. took third place honors for her “eloquently” and “classy” home.
“When you view this beautifully decorated home, note the front door and that there is a lighted tree on every floor of the house,” said Cupp.
Others who participated included:
•Gina Montgomery of 808 W. 15th St., with beautiful white lights and a sleigh and reindeer.
•Carol Patterson of 2125 Lincoln Ave., note the reindeer in front of the house with their eyeglasses.
•Fred and Marcia Fink of 1356 Lincoln Ave., with their Mickey Mouse wreath and ornaments on their tree.
•Drew Baker of 1054 Lincoln Ave., thanks to Drew for reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas.
•Bob and Viola Dollar of 900 Washington Ave., have two, 4-foot candles on the porch to greet us all.
•Roselyn Laird of 323 Shippen St. You have to travel up this little known street to check out Roselyn’s quilted Christmas stocking on her door stuffed with toys.
“Every home that we judged were very, very pretty,” said Cupp. “We were extremely pleased with the number of entries we had this year, however, we were a little disappointed there weren’t more.
“When we were driving around and doing the judging, we saw a good number of homes that would have competed with our prize winners,” she said. “There were just so many lovely homes.”
Cupp said she thought the efforts of the community in decorating Tyrone this year was “fabulous.”
“We can’t wait to do the whole thing all over again next year,” said Cupp.