Tyrone School drug testing continues

The Tyrone School District conducted their third set of drug testing recently, and the latest results included two positive tests.
There are currently 775 students eligible for the random testing, which has tested between 45 and 50 students thus far. With three tests in the books, Tyrone High School Principal Rebecca Erb said that the results have been good.
“I think it has been very positive in that we have included over 750 students in the pool,” said Erb. “It is a deterrent, which was the intent of this policy was. Students see it as a deterrent. We’ve also identified a few students for services. That is extremely good. I think we have achieved what we have set out to do.”
During this test, one student tested positive for marijuana and one student tested positive for a perscription drug that wasn’t perscribed for that student.
The parents of the two students have been notified and they will be meeting with school officials.
“The policy has been put in place immediately,” said Erb. “I have already spoken with the faculty advisor in charge of the extra-cirricular or athletic activity to let them know that the student is suspended from that activity.”
According to the school policy, a first positive test suspends the student from participating in the extra-cirricular activity for 15 school days.