Snyder Township approves Greentree land development

At last night’s Snyder Township Board of Supervisors meeting, the supervisors approved the land development proposed by Pyramid Healthcare at the Greentree Village location.
The Greentree Village expansion plans originally didn’t conform to Snyder Township Ordinance with regard to parking, but the plans approved by the Blair County Planning Commission on October 31, 2002 complied.
“They had submitted a couple of different plans already,” said Snyder Township Supervisor Jim Daughenbaugh. “Our engineer kept coming up with things that they hadn’t done. Last night, they complied with everything in our ordinance and our solicitor (Allen Gibboney) told me we have to approve it last night even though the people didn’t want us to. We had to do it. There was a time limit on that. If you don’t either deny or act on it within 90 days, it is automatically approved. We approved it last night.”
“We are pleased that our land development plan was finally approved by the Snyder Township Supervisors at last night’s meeting,” said Andrea Shope, director of communications for Pyramid Healthcare. “Approval of this plan is another step forward in the development of a four-classroom building at the Greentree Village site. The classroom building will improve the resources for the Tyrone Area School District and other surrounding schools, which benefit from alternative education programs for some of their students. We will follow-through with all state and local design and permitting requirements and plan to move forward with construction in the very near future.
Pyramid also requested an extension with Labor and Industry and that hearing will take place December 17 in Harrisburg.
“Until the school building is completed, we are utilizing another building on the grounds as classroom space,” said Shope. “Because of the delays in approval of our building plans by Snyder Township, we have approached the Department of Labor for an extension which will allow us to continue to use of this temporary school building.”
The township also voted to approve Resolution 2002-34 to pay from CDBG money for the California Hollow Sewer Project in which they paid Robert and Carole Parks #3,000 to purchase land for the pump station, and one dollar each to the Parks, Robert and Kim Parks, Morris and Troy Reese and Howard and Bettye Walk for right away use on their land.
The supervisors also voted to pay Scott Cowfer $7,953.20 for work done as part of the HOME Project Fund.
Daughenbaugh told those in attendance that the fire protection negations with Tyrone Borough are stalled.
“The big thing is they (Tyrone Borough) come out here and tell us what we’re going to pay them without negotiating,” Daughenbaugh told The Daily Herald following the meeting. “You know we don’t have to pay them anything really. We’re ready to talk, but they don’t seem to want to come out and talk. They just keep sending letters out here saying what they want. They did send a woman (Phyllis Garhart) and she didn’t know anything about it. The last letter she sent out said that we have to pay their workmen’s compensation (for Tyrone fire support). I don’t know where they are getting that, I am looking into it again today. That is the only problem that I can see. We won’t let anyone without fire protection. Really, we don’t do it anyway because we have our own fire company and it is supposed to be the primary fire company for Snyder Township.”