Sending a touch of home for the holidays

There is nothing harder then spending the holidays knowing that your son or daughter could be in harms way while serving our nation in another country. A local organization known has the United States Armed Forces Mothers Incorporated features seventy five local moms who not only help each other with support during the christmas season but also a special project that allows them to share their love during the holidays.
Karen Beasom of Grazierville is a member of the group that will help to pack seventy five different boxes today at the United Veterans Home Association on Main Street in Bellwood. The wrapped and unwrapped packages then will go to sons and daughters serving in our military all over the world. Karen is the proud mother of Private Joshua Garman who is currently stationed in Germany. “If their not going to be at home at least we can send a bit of home to them” said Beasom. Gifts packed in each box range from pens, socks and personalized items. Items are donated through out the year from area businesses in Blair County. Cash is also given and goes towards the more special and personalized gifts like monogrammed towels and even alarm clocks engraved with messages from family members. “The businesses really come through for us each year” Beasom said. “Its truly how were able to accomplishing our goal of sending a package tto our loved ones.
What could be better than some fresh backed cookies and fudge? Each member of the group who meets at the Holiday Inn of Altoona bakes one hundred and fifty cookies and one piece of homemade fudge. Beasom said “That way every son or daughter gets two cookies each and a piece of fudge directly from mom”. Elementary students from various schools in Blair County also write christmas letters offering their support, the spreading of holiday cheer and how proud they are of the men and women who protect our freedom.
Beasom says that members of the group discuss concerns of am impeding war in Iraq knowing that their children could be called for duty. Through support meetings and the sharing of their stories each member feels supported by the others. “It is a wonderful and warm feeling as we fill the boxes for our children” said Beasom. “It helps us here at home feel closer and that we never forget about our children”. Beasom continued. If you or your business would like to be a part of the program contact the United States Armed Forces Mothers Incorporated through the Holiday Inn of Indiana.