Local company helping with Christmas lighting project

When a community comes together, projects get completed.
This form should once again hold true as one local company pitched in to help brighten up Tyrone this holiday season.
Sam Anders, owner of Anders Garage and B&S Machine in Grazierville, and his staff of three part-time and three full-time employees are busily making enough lighted aluminum stars that will decorate 10th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in time for Santa’s visit.
“I’m just glad to be helping the community this Christmas season,” said Anders. “We decided that we were going to make as many as we could in a short period of time, but the way it looks, we should get them all done by the time they are ready to put them on the posts.”
According to Bonnie Patton, director of the Tyrone Chamber of Commerce, 64 of the decorations will be made.
“We’re really excited to know that a local company is interested in helping with this project,” she said. “It’s not only going to lower the cost of the project, but it will also keep local funds circulating in this area rather than in another state.”
According to Patton, the Chamber and its board of directors had ben looking at different commercial companies to purchase downtown decorations from, but the results were very costly.
“We had a few things in mind, but then learned everything we had picked out was too small,” said Patton. “The larger the decorations got, the larger the bill would have been. We’re just so happy things worked out this way.”
According to Patton, the decorations the Chamber board looked at were the cheapest available, but still not cheap enough. She said the ornaments we looked at carried a price tag of $400 ach and multiplying that by 64 lamp posts would result in a bill of more than $35,000.
“He’s (Anders) saved us thousands of dollars,” said Patton. “We’re extremely pleased that he has decided to take on such a heavy task.”
According to Anders, each star measures 9-foot by 9-foot with two smaller cascading stars attached. Each unit will contain 100 small sized C5 light bulbs.
The stars are made from 3/4-inch square aluminuo tubing which is welded together, then coated with a clear lacquer, which Anders said will be essential in keeping the aluminum shiny.
“The advantage of using aluminum is two-fold,” said Anders. “First it’s much lighter than steel so it’ll be much easier to put them up. Also is the longevity. We don’t have to worry about these things rusting.”
According to Anders, the hardest thing of making the stars was in the beginning.
“It took two days to make the first one,” he said. “But once we got a jig made, things went a lot quicker.”
Patton said the older residents of Tyrone will be taken a little bit back into history when they see stars adorning the posts downtown this Christmas season. Years ago, lighted wooden stars highlighted the downtown during the holiday season.
“The fact that these stars will be reminiscent of the past makes this project all that more appealing,” said Patton. “We can’t wait to hear the reactions of the people who saw those original stars. That really makes this project special to everyone that’s put so much work into it.”
Patton said despite the continued efforts, the Chamber’s budget still falls short of where it needs to be. She said since the Lighting Fund Drive started in mid-October, approximately 44 responses from local businesses and individuals have netted a little more than $600.
“That’s well short of what we need,” said Patton. “We need an additional $3,000 to $5,000 to fund this project.”
Anyone wishing to make a donation should contact the Chamber of Commerce in Tyrone at 684-0736, or make checks payable to Christmas Lighting Fund, 1004 Logan Avenue, Tyrone, Pa. 16686.