Jubelirer blames Game Commission for I-99 issues

State Senator Robert C. Jubelirer has a pointed message for the Pennsylvania Game Commission on the subject of Interstate 99; “Stop the litigation. End the obstructionism. Accept the fair settlement that has been offered. Allow much needed transportation progress to proceed unhindered.”
Jubelirer said that motorists, community leaders and business leaders are increasingly asking why a state agency continues to fight the effort to complete a key link in this major highway. Jubelirer and other state officials are pushing negotiations to end the battle, but the Commission has persisted in litigating the matter, recently giving notice of another appeal.
“The Game Commission does a lot of good work in a lot of important areas, but their dogged resistance to this project is reaching the point where it hurts their reputation and begins eroding their public support,” said Jubelirer. “They represented a constituency, and they have done so, but now at the point where Pennsylvania interest has to take priority. It is time for their leaders to exercise the necessary leadership. The Commission is unwisely passing up opportunities to work this out.
“This road is going to be completed,” the senator added. “It needs to be done for transportatio, economic and safety reasons. There is a clear commitment from state and federal leaders to se that the road will be done. And it is long past the point where litigation has any purpose or makes any sense. Delay only adds costs and risks that our area cannot afford.”
The state Department of Enviornmental Protection recently issued a permit for construction to proceed, reflecting that acceptable plans for addressing enviornmental impacts have been developed. PENNDOT has similarly offered changes to address concerns raised by the Game Commission.