Tyrone schools showcase two middle school students

In the Academic Spotlight at Tuesday’s meeting of the Tyrone School Board of Directors, Samantha Kimberling and Francesca Lambert spoke about a project where they researched the mystery of the first Americans.
After studying the textbook version of the story, students exmined some recent archeological finds that are changing the theory that the first American came only from Asia via the land bridge.
Using new information, students rewrote the section of the textbook to reflect these new theories. The project encouraged students to think critically, organize and synthesize information, conduct research using both print and internet sources and utilize desktop publishing software.
Lambert and Kimberling told the board that they both enjoyed the project.
In other school board news, a ninth grade student was suspended for 10 days plus an additional five days for possession and being under the influence of drugs on school district property. The student has since been admitted to the Pyramid Healthcare program at Greentree Village in Bald Eagle.
The school board approved a field trip for the Ski Club to Vermont February 20-24, 2003.
The board approved the following personnel moves:
• Accepted the resignation of Tina Bonsell as full-time Special Education Aide and hired Nicole Taylor to replace her.
• Hired Claudia Hutchinson as a part-time Middle School Guidance Counselor that is funded through the Safe Schools Iniative Grant.
• Hired Stephanie Brower as High School breakfast/lunch cashier.
• Hired Cindy Heagley as a High School ala carte server.
• Transferred Jane Morrissey to a meal server as the High School.
• Transferred Mary Jo Beck from High School server to cashier.
• Transferred Nancy Teeters from Elementary breakfast/lunch server to lunch server.
• Transferred Betsy Woomer from Elementary lunch server to breakfast/lunch server.
The Board also approved making available to the Tyrone YMCA free of charge the use of the Tyrone High School pool and locker rooms for YMCA sponsored classes and public swims.
In Saturday’s Herald, a look at the first nine weeks for the students in the Pyramid Healthcare program.