The view From My Recliner

Welcome to another Tuesday.
As we get ready to give thanks, I would like to thank some people who have helped me in my term as Daily Herald editor.
First, I want to thank Chris Lash, our general manager. He has provided a great deal of support in the transition from sports to news. I have learned a lot from Chris in the short time that he has been here and he will be missed when he leaves.
I am thankful to Kris Yaniello and Kerry Webster for the hard work they do. Sometimes I have to send them to the corner because they joke and fight like brothers, but both work hard, are solid reporters and are providing great local stories.
I am thankful to Bob Miller who has kept sports at the level I left it and even improved it in some matters.
I am even thankful to Patty Hyde for being our advertising representative, even though her sense of direction to the Sinking Valley Country Club is questionable.
The person here in the building I am most thankful for is Joyce Alley. She answers all the questions with classified advertising and deals with complaints of carriers missing papers. She has the patience of Job and most importantly, she will hand me my paycheck tomorrow.
I have spent a lot of time this week answering questions.
It is amazing the way rumors start. When a person went to pay their water bill and hears people crowing at the borough building that I have been quieted.
Those rumors are false!!!
Nobody in the borough building has gotten their way. My opinion will still exist and you will be able to read them.
One person asked why I was not at the borough council meeting when the budget was officially accepted as proposed. The answer: I was at the Tyrone School Board meeting that occurred the same evening. I have been with the Pyramid Healthcare situation from the beginning. I was as curious as anyone how things have gone through the first nine weeks. I am glad that there is progress being made there.
I will lay it on the line. As the editor, I have the full support of our general manager and publisher. They may not agree with my opinion sometimes, but it is respected. I was encouraged to put an editorial out every week instead of waiting until a time when I felt it was necessary.
I may not see eye-to-eye with the way things are being done. I may support some things. We provide coverage of the story from both sides and there is no commentary from the writers in stories.
I am going to spend Thanksgiving weekend looking over Tyrone’s 2003 budget with some friends of mine who are money people.
Did you notice that the sprinklers are running from time to time at Westvaco? Is something up? According to some of my sources, we could know before Christmas. Let’s hope that there is.
Every now and then, my sports background comes to the front. I believe that Ken Dorsey will win the Heisman Trophy if Miami wins out. Larry Johnson will finish third. Take that Kris.
Did I mention that I am thankful to Joyce Alley?
On behalf of our fine staff, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving, and we will be in our new building soon.