Stern thwarts challenge from Tyrone councilman Jim Grazier

Representative Jerry Stern handily retained his seat in the state house by defeating Tyrone Borough Councilman Jim Grazier by a 82-17 percent margin.
Stern added Northern Blair County to his district as part of the reapportionment of the State following the 2000 Census.
Stern received 14,779 votes compared to Grazier’s 3,169.
Stern was the last of the republican candidates to arrive at Altoona’s Ramada Inn last night. He spent part of the evening at the Altoona High School at a cheerleading competition.
“My daughter’s cheerleading group came in second place,” said Stern. “I think I won some Father of the Year points tonight. Leaving the polls early to go see my daughter cheer meant a lot to me. Parents realize that our children are young only once. One day and Bill (Shuster) touched on it, our children grow up so quickly and the time I can spend with my children I enjoy that and my Susie reminds me all the time that I need to get back here and spend quality time with my kids. My son Jason worked the polls in Tyrone all day today and he did a great job.”
Stern turned to the matter at hand which was his re-election.
“Thank you to all the people who were out in the rain and freezing cold today helping us and supporting us,” said Stern. “You’re a healthy republican team working with Congressman Shuster, Senator Jubelirer, Representative Rick Geist and I. We work together as a team in Harrisburg. It is great to see my collegues in the surrounding areas winning as well. We need to get back to Harrisburg and continue what we are doing to build up the quality of life in this area. It is truly great to see this unified group of republicans in Blair County.”
Breaking down the votes in Northern Blair County, the new portion of the 80th District, Stern grabbed 2,483 votes (66 percent) to Grazier’s 1,263 votes (33 percent).
Grazier carried only one district of the 10 in Northern Blair County. He carried the First Ward of Tyrone Borough171-121. He narrowly lost the Tyrone Second Ward 83-82 and Tyrone’s Third Ward 62-60. In the Tyrone Borough Sixth Ward, Stern carried the vote 187-134. Tyrone’s Fourth and Fifth wards are in the 81st District.
In Snyder Township District One, Stern won by a count of 274-87 and in Tyrone Township District 2, Stern won 209-79. Snyder Township District Two and Tyrone Township District One are in the 81st District.
In Antis Township, Stern won by a margin of 1,294 (74 percent) to Grazier’s 443 (25 percent). In Bellwood Borough, Stern grabbed 339 votes (74 percent) to Grazier’s 119 votes (26 percent).
Stern, who serves on the House Appropriations Committee in Harrisburg earns his sixth term in Harrisburg.
Representative Larry Sather easily won re-election in the 81st District as he won the primary election on both the Republican and Democratic tickets.
Overall, Sather captured 11,546 votes. The incumbent republican claimed 1,175 votes in Northern Blair County. There were five write-in ballots.
“I’m looking forward to working with the governor-elect,” said Sather. “Remember he will be working with a GOP House and Senate. I will cooperate with his agenda ‘if’ there is an advntage for the 81st District and central Pennsylvania.”
On Rendell’s pledge to get moving on property tax reform, Sather said, “I hope he moves forward on tax reform early next year. Public education is an important issue throughout the commonwealth. I am not talking specifically about funding increases, but the formula for rural and small schools in Pennsylvania.”