Snyder Township Supervisors tentatively agree to budget with tax increase

For the first time in nine years, residents of Snyder Township can expect to see a tax increase for 2003.
At a meeting held Friday in Vail, the supervisors agreed to a tentative 2003 budget that will see tax mills increase from 10 to 11. Eight will be applied to the General Fund while three will be reserved for the Fire Fund.
“Everything just seems to be going up,” said township secretary Viola Dysart this morning.
According to Dysart, the increase will add about $10,000 in additional revenue to for the township. She said residents can expect an increase between $7 and $15 in real estate taxes for 2003.
The budget includes a Per Capita Tax increase of $5 per year. Dysart said this tax was increased after the Tyrone Area School District decided to “do away” with the tax in March. TASD previously covered $5 of the $10 fee, but now residents will be responsible for the remainder.
The budget also calls for a 40-cents per hour pay increase for township employees and a $5 per hour increase for Dysart, who receives no benefits.
Other important aspects of the budget include increases for engineering fees for an update on the township’s comprehensive plan and increase for capital purchases for a new township truck and possibly a backhoe.
According to Dysart, revenue is expected at $577,188 and expenditures at $568,188. She said these numbers do not include the increases in payroll for the township employees.
The proposed budget will be available for public review beginning tomorrow. The supervisors are expected to adopt the 2003 budget at a special meeting scheduled for 9 a.m. on Dec. 19.