Phase II of new library project underway

By summer, officials of Tyrone-Snyder Public Library hope the library will be in full operation.
Public Relations Director Chuck Banas said yesterday the state Department of Labor and Industry recently approved the submitted Outside Elevation Plans, which cleared the way for the library’s contractor to acquire the necessary permits and begin putting the building “under roof.”
“We’re all real excited about how well this project is coming along,” said Banas. “We’re hoping to have this thing under roof by the end of December.”
According to Banas, contractor Jeff Long and his employees recently finished filling in the foundation with stone and rolling it level. He said the next step will be erecting the walls.
“They’ve really come a long way since this whole thing got started,” he said.
Banas said plans call for the outside of the building to be constructed with Drivit, a material contractor Jeff Long says is similar to stucco and is the choice of most commercial and industrial builders. The windows will be encased with limestone and each will be topped with a keystone symbol.
“Residents walking by will see how aesthetically pleasing this building is going to be,” said Banas, noting the brick work will be a red, split-block variety with the trimmed top a lighter shade.
Costs for the project is estimated in the $625,000 range. He said $10,000 was already paid to the contractor, and once the building is under roof, another $100,000 payment will be made. Following construction of the OEP, the floor plan, which is already designed, will be the next stage of the project. Floor construction is also estimated to have a $100,000 price tag.
Officials are using a $100,000 state grant to help defray the costs of the project.
“That leaves us with about $325,000 still needed to see this project to the end,” said Banas. “Now that we have everything in hand, we’re starting to organize fund drives that will help us pay for the rest of this project.”
Banas urges individuals and companies who are interested in making donations to do so before the end of December. This way, the donations can be written off on the tax forms.”
The library has produced pledge cards that can be picked up from any library board member or at the library itself. Donations can also be mailed to: The Tyrone-Snyder Public Library, 1019 Logan Ave., Tyrone, PA 16686.
“We are happy with the support of the community and have been since this thing got going,” said Banas. “The people here know what we’re trying to do and have been an important factor in bringing this project to fruition. We’re hoping for continued support through the project’s end.”
The Tyrone-Snyder Public Library is currently located on Logan Avenue in a 3,000-square-foot building that is not handicapped accessible. There are no elevators in the two-story structure and the restrooms do not accommodate wheelchair-bound visitors.
The new building would encompass between 7,200- and 7,300-square-feet with incorporated plans should the need for future expansion arise. Also, there will be better parking facilities and will be fully handicapped accessible.
“We’re also planning to build conference rooms for groups or the public to meet in,” said Banas. “These rooms will be open for use even when the library itself is not open.”
Also, Banas said the new library will contain a computer lab, a Tyrone historical room, an expanded children’s area, and, for those people who know what it’s like working on the second floor of the current building in August – a centralized air conditioning unit.
“I think this will give the community, number one, an updated, modern library which would be able to serve pre-schoolers through college students,” said Banas. “If you’ve been around Tyrone, you would know that that corner has been a shell filled with stone and fill for the last eight or nine years. It’s an eyesore.
“This new building will make our downtown look just that much better.”