PGC Employees Recognized

The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners recognized Land Management Officer James E. Deniker, Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer Mark B. Blazosky, for their individual actions to save the lives of people in harm’s way over the past several months.
“The dedication and self-sacrificing actions of our employees always make me proud to be a member of the Game Commission Team,” said Vern Ross, agency executive director.
Deniker, of Sandy Lake, received an Employee Commendation Award for his actions to save the life of Shayne A. Hoachlander, who is allergic to bee and wasp stings. On Aug. 20. Hoachlander was stung by a wasp while working with Deniker on State Game Lands 130 in Mercer County. After the men returned to their vehicle, Hoachlander, who is allergic to bee and wasp stings, eventually slipped into unconsciousness. As the men entered the final leg of their 20-minute emergency run to the Grove City Hospital, Hoachlander stopped breathing. Deniker, driving with the aid of a flashing red light and siren, kept cool as he covered the last two miles to the hospital, where emergency room personnel immediately administered life-saving procedures to Hoachlander.
Blazosky, of Philipsburg, also received an Employee Commendation Award for helping to save the lives of a Philipsburg couple on May 24. Working his full-time job with the Borough of Phillipsburg, he responded on foot to a fire in the historic Rowland Mansion.
Blazosky approached the front door and almost immediately heard calls for help from inside.
Blazosky entered the building, where smoke and flames forced him to his knees and eventually to his belly. Blazosky ascended the steps to the second floor. At the top of the steps, he determined it was unsafe for him to go any further and began to encourage the Clarks to leave their apartment and crawl toward his voice. Blazosky was joined on the steps by the community’s fire chief, and they talked the Clarks to the stairs and led them to safety.