New Pig warehouse fire finally out

At 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon, members of the Tipton-Antis Volunteer Fire Company finally left the scene of the structure fire at the New Pig Corporation in Tipton. A little over 17 hours earlier, they were the first on the scene of the fire that destroyed the warehouse at New Pig.
“There are still crews on the scene,” Harmon said late Friday evening. “There will probably still be crews on scene for the next 24 hours or so.”
Earlier Friday, the Tipton firefighters thought they didn’t have a truck to put in the firehouse, but when they returned from the blaze, their tanker had been repaired and was serviceable.
“We got our tanker back in service,” said Harmon. “The damage to the engine is still being determined. We will be functioning fine. For the time being, we will be getting assistance from Tyrone and Bellwood, but our tanker can function as an engine. It is a little bit of an inconvience, but it is nothing that should cause concern.”
The State Police Fire Marshall was on the scene for most of Friday and is investigating the cause of the blaze.
New Pig makes absorbents for hazardous waste.
The fire, which broke out about 9:40 p.m. Thursday, was brought under control about five hours later. Firefighters were continuing to put out smaller fires and douse the smoldering warehouse Friday, said Carl DeCaspers, a spokesman for The New Pig Corp., which operates the factory.
As many as a dozen employees were in the building when it caught fire, but they escaped unharmed, DeCaspers said. Two firefighter were treated for injuries and two fire trucks were damaged, officials said.
Authorities and New Pig officials said they didn’t know what caused the fire or the explosion. DeCaspers declined to estimate the damage.
“All of our computers and phones were burned up, but we are carrying on. This is a serious disaster. We will be going 24 hours a day, seven days a week to rebuild our inventory,” DeCaspers said.
The warehouse was a complete loss.