Greentree Village from the students point of view

In the past three months, the debate has been about Greentree Village. The debate hasn’t been about what is done to help students of the Tyrone School District. The debate has been about where it is located and how it got there.
Through one grading period, what is happening at Greentree Village has been remarkable. With 70 of the 90 grades being As and Bs, the education the kids are receiving is promising.
One assignment the students were given was to write a paper of their experiences at Greentree Village so far. At last week’s Tyrone School Board meeting, Tyrone Director of Special Education Frances Parker read some of the writings.
“Greentree has helped me change a lot,” one student wrote. “Even over a month’s time. I really like this program. It has taught me a lot of things. I love how the teachers interact with us. I was teetering on the edge of failing back at Tyrone. Here I have straight As. The counselors are really nice and special. Everytime we talk about something, we know they will be there. I also like how peers turn to each other for help for instance for work or even on staying out of trouble. If you get to levels, you get to go out on outings. The outings are fun. The outings also help us with our outside skills. It teaches you how to act in public. We normally go bowling, but this time we are going skating and going out to eat. I love this program. If you need help, go to Greentree. That is where I got help.”
Parker said the student who wrote the story wouldn’t attend classes at the Tyrone schools. She said she never saw him smile. Now, Parker reports the student is smiling and happy in the program.
Another student wrote, “The program at Greentree Village has helped me by building up my confidence and my attitude and I can go to school without being irritated. I really like coming to Greentree. I like the help from the teachers and counselors. The detentions have been very helpful too. They teach me not to do what I did.”
In just over three months, the Tyrone School District has noted a change in the students who attend school at Greentree Village.
“Some of the children attending Greentree Village would not attend school here at Tyrone,” said Parker. “They didn’t see school as a value. Partially because of self doubt. This program is successful because they work daily on feeling better about yourself and they certainly are. It is being shown in the attendance and the grades. It is pretty remarkable.”
Tyrone Assistant Superintendent Joann Lang talks about a part of the program that helps the kids immediately.
“One thing that I like about the program is that rewards are built into the program,” said Lang. “It’s not just a therapeutic facility with education. These kids have an opportunity to learn programs on the outside of school. They have gone on nature walks. That is an important ingredient here. I think all kids have to have a goal to work towards. I think they realize that if their behaviors are such that they can see the reward in the end. If they do something well, they will get that pat on the back.”
Parker added, “They get it frequently on a daily basis with their individual counselors. They work on a structured program on a level system.”
In tomorrow’s Daily Herald, the goals one year from now from the school district and Greentree Village will be explored.