Antis Supervisors grant final approval for Boyer Subdivision

The Antis Township Board of Supervisors held a special meeting Friday evening to decide whether or not final approval would be granted for Scott Boyer to proceed with his plans of a subdivision.
After a discussion with Antis Township Solicitor Patrick Fanelli, engineer Chris Dutrow of Stiffler, McGraw and Associates, township supervisors and Boyer, final approval was granted pending the NPDES permit from the Conservation District, which is waiting on a letter from the Game Commission, and the actual follow-up paperwork for the letter of credit from M&T Bank for $65,300, which is in the process of being sent from an office in Buffalo, New York.
Boyer is now able to proceed with his plans to subdivide 57 acres of land into nine lots in the Reightown area of Antis Township.
“Well, it’s a sigh of relief,” said Boyer after the long delay. “I can finally proceed pending those two items and following through with their paperwork. I appreciate the board’s considerations and working with me over this extended period of time.”
Both Fanelli and Dutrow agreed that the board of supervisors should grant final approval because the two items pending were minor and in process of being attained.
Chairman Leo Matuszewski stated, “I think it benefited all parties involved, all the neighboring landowners and homeowners, and it benefited Mr. Boyer, along with the township as a whole.”
“I think that this board did the correct thing, and basically, in summary, I think that all parties should be satisfied at this point,” said Matuszewski.
Supervisor Charles Taylor added, “We did a very thorough and complete evaluation of this project. We did everything that was within reason to ensure that the development does not have an adverse impact on the adjoining property owners.”
“I really feel that we did that,” said Taylor.
It should be noted that a roll call vote was conducted by the board to grant final approval to Boyer, Matuszewski, Taylor, and Robert Hornberger Sr. voted ‘yes,’ and Ron Gensamer voted ‘no.’ Supervisor Ray Amato was not in attendance to vote on the issue at hand.
“We tried to do the best for all parties involved,” ended Matuszewski.