Antis Supervisors extend review before final approval granted to Boyer Subdivision

The ongoing decision for approval of the Boyer subdivision has been delayed again by the Antis Township Board of Supervisors, who want to have the necessary time to review all issues before Scott Boyer can move forward with his project.
Boyer voiced his frustration Thursday evening because of the continued wait for final approval of his plans to subdivide 57 acres of land into nine lots in the Reightown area of Antis Township.
But, the wait comes with substantial reason.
A percolation test of the ground by Antis Township Engineer Chris Dutrow of Stiffler, McGraw and Associates is still not complete due to a lack in communication, a letter of credit for $65,300 from M&T Bank, a letter from the Department of Environmental Protection on the sewage planning module exemption, and acknowledgment from the DEP for approval of a lot waiver still needs to be provided.
Antis Township Secretary/Treasurer Linda Kimmen stated, “Those are all just little pending things.” Boyer has applied for all of the above items, but they have yet to be received.
“Do you realize the money you’re holding in your hands by saying you want seven more days?” asked Boyer. “I have provided you with adequate language approved by your solicitor and he had adequate time to review it.”
He continued, “I ask that you folks approve my subdivision with the contingency that your engineer goes up and performs a percolation test in a very timely manner and it passes. I would like to see you folks make that motion and see if you couldn’t find it through to get that done.”
“If you’re going to say no, very, very, very reluctantly I would give you the permission to have an extension, but I would really ask you in the best interest of me and the township, approve that with those items to come in as they do,” said Boyer.
But, the Antis Township Board of Supervisors didn’t feel that they had enough time to review Boyer’s plans before granting final approval.
“You have presented a very reasonable argument in my opinion, but I’m just one person,” said Chairman Leo Matuszewski. “The only requirement that we have found is that Linda said she wanted to see it on the plot plan, so that we can show where the swells are for the storm water management.”
Matuszewski continued, “It seems to me, Linda would be satisfied at this point in time that was on there and have Chris (Dutrow) review all of these things before we move forward.”
Supervisor Charles Taylor agreed that more time was needed for review before the board should grant Boyer final approval.
“The problem is it’s not a set document, the document keeps evolving over time, and as every change is made and every condition is made, then that has the potential to create additional items that have to be addressed,” stated Taylor.
Boyer said that the plot plan, other than inserting page two with swells, has been the same for the past two months with the engineer’s review during that time.
“That’s what I’m having a hard time with your condition for, the plot plan other than the swells adding that request to Linda tonight, has not changed due to any request you folks asked me to make,” explained Boyer.
Taylor explained that if someone sits down with this information and reviews it, there may be something else that comes up that the supervisors are not aware of presently, so the board is trying to look through it all and make sure all of it is covered.
“If it turns out that at a later date something arises and it creates a problem, then how do we say when there’s other people that could be affected by it, ‘well, you know, we were in a hurry and we just wanted to get the thing done?’” asked Taylor.
Taylor added, “I want people who work with this stuff every day to review it and tell me it is OK. I don’t feel I’ve had enough time to review the documentation that we asked you to provide.”
Boyer frustratingly replied, “If Mr. Dutrow makes a change before the seven days from today that you would like the time to review it, what if it changes something else? Then what do we do? Do we extend and extend and extend because it might of changed something else?”
“Well, if it’s something that has to be addressed then you have to do what you have to do,” answered Taylor. “I can’t predict the future, I don’t know what could happen.”
Taylor added, “I certainly understand Mr. Boyer as well as any developer who desires not to be delayed, but at the same time, I think developers have an obligation to provide this information to the board with enough advanced time to give us an adequate opportunity to review the material that they submit.”
“When it is presented to us at the meeting, it makes it very difficult for me to sit here and say, on the assertion of the developer alone, that everything is complete and in order,” said Taylor.
Boyer stated, “I have provided all of the documents asked for by Mr. Fanelli (solicitor). I provided all of the requests for restrictions you asked for. I provided it as fast as I could. I don’t know what you would find that the solicitor didn’t.”
The Antis Township Board of Supervisors will take an additional seven days to review the Boyer Subdivision before granting final approval. The board will take action at a special meeting to be held Friday, November 15 at 4:30 p.m.