91 employees to be laid off at Juniata Locomotive Shop

Norfolk Southern Corp. have officially declared the lay off of 91 employees from the Juniata Locomotive Shop.
Ruddy Husband, Norfolk Southern director of public relations, said this time of the year their business starts to taper off over the result of fewer trains operating. The need for locomotive maintenance decreases accordingly.
“Effective at the end of the tour of duty on December 1, we are going to be furloughing 91 employees,” Husband said.
Contributing to the lay off was an annual seasonal slowdown and tough economic conditions, which forced Norfolk Southern to decrease the work force.
The company laid off 62 workers in December of last year and promptly recalled the employees by the beginning of the year. At that time, 850 employees worked at the facility.
“The fact is that there are 91 people that represents about 10 percent of the work force,” said Husband. “There’s still going to be 800 people employed.”
Husband is optimistic about the possible recall of the 91 employees who will be laid off on December 1.
“When business picks back up, then we may recall,” noted Husband.
Over the summer approximately 50 workers were moved to Juniata from the Hollidaysburg Car Shop after its closing.
In Roanoke, Va., Norfolk Southern also announced cuts of nearly half of its workers at its engine repair shop. In Roanoke, 81 of the 175 locomotive shop employees will lose their jobs.
Norfolk Southern has not scheduled a date to reinstate the workers at the Juniata Locomotive Shop.