Tyrone schools conduct first drug tests

The Tyrone Area School District conducted its first session of testing for drugs and alcohol since their testing policy was adopted by the board in August.
There were 13 students randomly selected and four members of the administration volunteered to be tested as well. The administration members were Dr. William Miller, superintendent of achools, Rebecca Erb, high school principal, James Butler, high school assistant principal and Tony Yaniello, athletic director.
“The test went smoothly,” said Tyrone principal Rebecca Erb. “It took about an hour to test everyone. There were students from both the middle and high schools, football players and students from other activities as well.”
School board member Brian Bressler was a witness to the process.
“I thought overall it went well,” said Bressler. “I was able to watch the process from when the computer selected the names to how the process was handled in the suite.”
Bressler was at first concerned that if a student had a test in a classroom and was called to give a sample, what would happen with the academics.
“Dr. Miller assured me that if a student was taking a test, they would be give their sample and have the ability to make up the academic test. Their education would not be affected and it will not interfere with the academics.”
One student refused to take the test.
According to the school board’s policy, refusal to take a test is a first offense. That student will not be able to participate in any extra-cirricular activities for 15 days or until a negative test occurs.
“That student will be assigned to the Student Assistance Program (SAP) and go through Drug and Alcohol Awareness classes through the school,” said Erb. “We have 732 names of eligible students in the Middle and High Schools. It is a huge pool, but now they know it can happen. We would be very pleased if all the tests came back negative.”
The random testing will continue throughout the school year. The School hopes to test aproximately 15 students each session.