The View From My Recliner

When I was the Sports Editor, my ramblings came in this column. After watching what I saw last night, I felt the need for a commentary.
Granted, I am not a Tyrone resident, and after watching the railroad job that happened last night at the Tyrone Borough Council, I am thankful that I am a reporter and not a resident.
I have nothing against Jennifer Bryan. She is a nice lady and I wish her the best in her new position. The problem I have is the joke the process became.
From the first question, asking if these two candidates met the requirements for the position, to the comment of you live in the house your parents lived in, the process in selecting the new Council person was better than watching Friends.
What was even funnier, one Council person walked into the meeting, sat down, got his pen out, wrote something down then started with the meeting. When it was time to write down the vote, he picked up his pen and it never touched the paper. Vote cast before first question asked.
It seems that the only requirementsto become a Council person based on last night’s meeting, is never leave Tyrone and be part of the Mayor’s Visioning Committee.
The Visioning Committee brought about the Tyrone Community Partnership. After talking to two prominent members of the Partnership, Jennifer Bryan’s name has never been heard of, even though claims that she is on a committee were made in the public meeting.
One lady who has resided in Tyrone her entire life said this morning, she had to leave the meeting because she was getting sick to her stomach watching the process. It was her first council experience and she said it would be her last.
The last time I checked any road maps, there weren’t any railroad tracks on Logan Avenue. Unless I am mistaken now, the biggest set of tracks are at 11th street and Logan Avenue.
The quote from last November’s Election Day from Mayor Stoner, as I shake my head at now. “We got the team!”
If you dare ask a question, dare to rock the boat, they don’t let you play in the playground.
When The Daily Herald asked the same five questions to both Candidates. One candidate answered the questions and offered solutions. One answered with the I want a positive town spin that comes from the Mayor’s office.
It’s funny that Bill Fink knew going in what was going to happen. I knew that it was going to happen. Half of the town knew this was going to happen. The decision process had nothing to do with who is qualified for the position. Considering the two qualifications according to the Home Rule Charter is be an American Citizen and a registered voter of the Tyrone Borough. Nowhere on that did it say you had to be on the Main Street Visioning Study or a friend of the Mayor and Council.
What happened last night was a mockery of the process. There is a way to fix this. Primary elections are next May. If you don’t want to wait for that, there is always the recall process.
After watching the “Democratic” process in action last night, I thank God that I live in Warriors Mark.