Supervisors will hold special workshop for Boyer Subdivision in Antis Township

Antis Township Supervisors decided Thursday evening to hold a special workshop to go over the eleven lot Boyer Subdivision variance Scott Boyer wants to continue to move forward in his project. The workshop will be held on Friday, October 18, at 8 a.m.
Boyer has submitted for another major subdivision, and has preliminary approval, and now is asking the Board for a variance dealing with the slope angle, because if the Board denies it he has to take a different route, said Chairman Leo Matuszewski.
The Board of Supervisors have been looking at this very hard and discussed it in great length with their attorney, and at the workshop the Board will come up with an answer for Boyer.
Matuszewski stated, “I think we have a pretty good plan or a pretty good idea of what we’re going to do. And what we’re trying to do, and I hope the people understand that we want to do what’s best for the residents who live in that area, and you can’t deny Scott the right to do what he wants to do at his property, because he bought it and he wants to do what he wants within realism.”
He continued, “And if he meets compliance with our ordinance, then let him go ahead.”
Boyer explained, “I’m asking to do everything right. I’m paving the streets and I’m turning them over to you (Antis Twp.). I’ve complied, although above the slope permission, with storm water run-off which was everybody’s ‘main concern,’ and I’m asking to do everything right when someone else is out there forging ahead.”
He added, “I’m spinning my wheels and I think we all know the clock is ticking on when someone would want a piece of property to try to start a home and get it under roof. If anybody wants to buy one of those pieces of my property, which all means money of mine, I don’t get a chance to sell a piece of property that someone could possibly get under roof since we have great weather in October.”
“I really would like an answer so I can move forward,” said Boyer. “I can take the trees and shelve those properties out and they’ll be in compliance and ready for approval. I’ll submit as the grade will end up and I’ll be ready for approval.”
He continued, “I’m not asking for approval of the subdivision tonight, I’m asking if I’m going to be able to have the waiver for the subdivision plans. None of that information has anything to do with the slope issue. I want the board to give me the variance and allow the people to take the trees they wish or I’m going to clear cut it and shelve it, and it’s done.”
Solicitor, Patrick Fanelli stated, “I think the issue was the supervisors didn’t want to consider any portion of an application until there was a full application. Even though some parts of the application and other parts don’t really have a direct bearing on one another, they’re all the parts of the whole application. They didn’t want to consider any parts until they have the whole application in front of them.”
As of now, Boyer will wait until the special workshop and meet with the Board before he decides what route he needs to go. If the Board denies Boyer he will clear cut the trees, but if the Board grants him the variance he will change his plans.
Matuszewski stated, “That’s good politics and good business, so I don’t begrudge anybody doing that. I think we have a good Board of Supervisors here that are looking out for the betterment of the entire area of where these people live, so we want to do what’s best for everyone.”
He added, “That’s what we’re really debating here, and this is a tough decision, I can tell you that.”
Supervisor Charles Taylor addressed the Board Thursday evening to make supervisors aware of the ‘Act 100’ policy, which is an act of the Pennsylvania Legislature which relates to public documents and the right-to-know law (public access to public records).
Taylor believed that the Legislature in June passed an amendment to Act 100.
“What the amendment says is, among other things, all municipalities, possibly all public agencies, are required to have a written right-to-know policy statement, and that has specific provisions about things that have to be included such as how much notice can be required to provide a public document based on a request and what kinds of things you can charge fees to recover costs,” said Taylor.
Taylor wanted to make sure that, because he thinks it’s very important that government is conducted out in the open, and he wanted to make sure Antis Township is out in front of it and complying with the letter and spirit of the law.
“I wanted to make sure because a lot of people aren’t aware of it and I happened to become aware of it,” said Taylor. “I want the Board to be on top of it so we get this policy statement in place, and make the proper provisions to see that it is published and made available for public display as the act requires.”
Other business within the Antis Township Board of Supervisors was a modification agreement with M&T Bank and Resolution to open new accounts. The Board accepted M&T Bank as their depository based strictly on a financial decision. The Board made it clear the decision was made with nothing against Central Bank.
The Board also accepted a ‘Quit Claim Deed’ for Tom DelMastro regarding a portion of E. 2nd Street. DelMastro wants to put in a gas line and needed the deed to work on the line in case the gas company questioned him.
The Board of Supervisors scheduled a workshop to discuss the Manager Position and Pension Options on Monday, October 14, at 7 p.m. in the Antis Township Building. Pension Options will be discussed first, followed by the Manger Position.