Second annual ChiliFest to heat up this weekend

If you think your taste buds can handle it, head on down to Uriah’s Pub in Altoona Sunday for the second annual “Satan’s Revenge ChiliFest.”
The event is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Cost is $12 per person or $20 for a couple. Only adults, aged 21 and over, are permitted to attend. All proceeds will benefit the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society.
The all-you-can-eat event features mild to wild offerings from last years’ “Best Bowl” top prize winner, Michael’s Cafe, and last years’ “People’s Choice” award winner in the hosting restaurant, Uriah’s Pub. Newcomers include Tayz Barbecue in Duncansville, Altoona Hotel Restaurant, The Phoenix, and by special invitation, the Altoona Fire Dept. Special “sampling only” chilis by ChiliFest creator/organizer Dave Hopkins will add to the variety at the event.
ChiliFest 2002 will feature specialty chilis made exclusively for the event by Ken Caldwell of Uriah’s Pub; Scott Sheedt of Altoona Hotel; Michael Rickard of Michael’s Pub; Steve Katcher of The Phoenix; and Rick Weidlick of the Altoona Fire Dept.
“We had a great time at Uriah’s last year made even more special by music from Zupe, the ‘one-man-band’ and we expect to have even more fun this year again with Zupe,” said Dave Hopkins, executive director for CPHS. “We’ll provide some appetizer’s and Ken’s kitchen will be open if anyone want to sample some of his excellent wings or other ‘bar food.’
“Ken promised some great surprises and he always delivers,” he added.
“Out special guest judging panel should make the competition even more fierce that last year and we’re especially excited about the entry from the Altoona Fire Dept…if anyone knows chili, it’s those guys. We’re guessing they qualify as ‘heroes’ just by eating it.”
The judges include WTAJ-TV news anchors Chuck Ferrell and Marty Radovanic; WATM/WWCP-TV weatherman Travis Koshko; MAJIC 104.9 radio program director/DJ Jim “Voo Doo Daddy” Pettiford; WBXQ DJ Craig Andrews; and, just in case, gastroenterologist Dr. Ralph McKibbin.
In addition to “Satan’s Revenge,” the signature killer hot chili made by Hopkins, the ChiliFest will offer up strange and amusingly named concoctions such as Mad Dog Chili, Bad Bart’s Black Bean Chili, Michael’s Madness, Hell’s Kitchen Concoction, Flashover Chili, Phoenix Smokehouse Steak Chili and the vegetarian dish aptly named Devil’s Delight.
All guests will automatically be eligible for a variety of door prizes and can purchase 50/50 chances.
According to Hopkins, the price to attend the event is worth the money.
“It’s a bargain,” said Hopkins. “We’ve lowered the ticket price from last year and we have a limited capacity and probably won’t be selling any tickets at the door. I personally guarantee everyone a great time they’ll be talking about for a long while to come.”
Tickets can be purchased at the Humane Society, 942-5402; Uriah’s Pub on Bellwood Avenue in Altoona, Tayz Barbecue on Old Route 220 in Duncansville, Altoona Hotel on 5th Avenue, The Phoenix on Fourth Avenue in Altoona, and Michael’s Cafe on 11th Avenue in Altoona.