Schweiker shows support for Jubelirer

With Penn State winning at half-time against Wisconsin, spirits were high and everyone enthusiastic at the Senator Robert Jubelirer Tailgate 2002 Fundraiser, featuring guest speaker, Governor, Mark Schweiker.
The event, designed to support the Senators re-election campaign, was held at the Heritage Discovery Center Board Room in Altoona on Saturday. This fundraiser was also to commemorate the one year anniversary of both Schweiker and Jubelirer, as Lieutenant Governor, taking their Oaths of Office for their respective positions.
Jim Gregory, executive assistant, and supporting staff, put together a productive and enjoyable event. The atmosphere was business-like, but with a comfortable, down-home feeling. Blue and white were of course the colors of choice.
Schweiker showed support for Jubelirer with an interesting football analogy.
“You know Bob is in pretty good shape here,” said Schweiker. “Joe Paterno didn’t go out in Wisconsin today and say, ‘hey, give me a little bit of effort. He looked those kids in the eyes and said he didn’t care about what happened last week., the contest is important here.’ Every competition, whether its athletic or political comes down to the personal choice of the game and its teammates.”
Schweiker also gave respect of Jubelirer’s campaign with a pointed remark about Jubelirer himself, “…someone with long-standing service, with a tremendous command of the Pennsylvania agenda, has done honorable work, and is respected by his peers.” He added knowingly, “You need someone, as far as credentials, that will meet the challenge; and have the prowess, and the influence and the respect to hit the proverbial ground and run to help us run the government.”
Governor Schweiker spoke of Jubelirer with respect and empathy, both as a co-worker as Governor and Lieutenant Governor, but more as just a good friend, “…Bob is batting for the big-time victory for the Republican team.”
Of course, both speeches by Schweiker and Jubelirer were both summed up with the quote of the day, “Go Penn State!”
Jubelirer also had a bat from the Altoona Curve that five year-old, Aubrey Anna presented shyly to Carolyn Donaldson. The young girl also sang a melodious rendition of “God Bless America.”
The second half kickoff jolted on the many surrounding screens right after that and all the boys and girls there just finished off the successful fundraiser watching Penn State win again.