New Pig Corporation Tipton plant achieves a perfect score

New Pig Corporation was recently honored by the Defense Supply Center Richmond as one of the government’s best suppliers at an Automated Best Value System awards ceremony held during the center’s annual business conference in June.
New Pig met stringent quality and delivery requirements established by the Defense Logistics Department, achieving a perfect score of 100.
“This award means that we are doing an excellent job of meeting our customer’s requirements. In this case, our government not only has confidence in our products, but also in our ability to deliver them the way they want,” said Ben Stapelfeld, Chairman of the Board.
Firms that qualify as Automated Best Value System medalists have met stringent quality and delivery requirements established by Defense Logistics.
To be eligible, vendors must have shipped 10 or more contract lines for Defense Supply Center Richmond during a twelve-month rating period. To qualify for a gold medal, the contractor must have had a perfect score of 100. A score of 99.0 through 99.9 earned silver; and those vendors with scores ranging from 98.0 through 98.9 were awarded bronze medals.
New Pig public relations person, Kristie Mason, stated, “We had a perfect score and it’s notable that we have the award. It looks good to different government corporations and such when ordering from us.”
“We have different departments within here like government and international, and our specific department won the award,” said Mason.
The supply center, located in Richmond, Virginia, purchases nearly 900,000 items used by the military and other government agencies. These items include a mix of military-unique and commercially available items supporting over 1,300 major weapons systems. The value of the products and services it provides to its customers exceeds $2 billion annually.
New Pig was also recognized recently as one of the country’s top catalogs and e-commerce Web sites.
Presented at the Annual Catalog Conference in Chicago, the ‘Pigalog’ won gold in the ‘Industrial Supplies’ category, while its e-commerce site,, took home the ‘Silver I. Merchant’ award in the ‘Business-to-Business Hard Goods’ category.
“We’re honored to receive such prestigious awards,” said Stapelfeld. “This kind of recognition demonstrates the high standards, hard work, and talent of our marketing and creative teams who put it together.”
The company’s Pigalog catalog features a wide variety of exclusive and innovative PIG Brand products, including the largest selection of absorbent socks, mats, pillows, pans, and booms in the world.
In addition, the expanding product line includes material handling equipment, personal protection apparel, spill response supplies, disposable and pre-moistened wipers, and other workplace safety products.
The 372-page 2002 Pigalog Buying Guide catalog featured over 600 new and innovative products exclusive to New Pig. The website features full-color photos and detailed descriptions of all products, online order history, special offers and discounts real-time, and an extensive library of technical reference information for each product.
Since 1985, New Pig has been providing innovative products and services to industrial, institutional and governmental facilities. They have grown into a multi-channel, multi-brand supplier of products designed specifically for liquid management, industrial safety and plant maintenance.
Today, New Pig serves more then 170,000 customers in more than 40 countries.