Multiple civil complaints against local Tyrone Business

A Tyrone businessman who has civil proceedings pending at District Magistrate Fred Miller’s office for failing to make good on checks issued from his business claims the money is on the way.
Charles DiMemmo, proprietor of C&C Furniture & Bedding Outlet, is being sued in four matters, including a furniture distributor, for failing to make good on bounced checks issued by his business after the customers requested refunds for not receiving products.
“The civil actions taken against me are being taken care of right now by the attorney,” said DiMemmo yesterday. “We’re going to settle up with everybody. There was never a need to do a civil action.”
According to documents filed at Magistrate Miller’s office, two Tyrone families, a Tennessee furniture distributor and a woman from Houtzdale filed the complaints after paying DiMemmo for furniture that never arrived. Three of the four received refund checks from DiMemmo, but the checks were not honored by banking establishments.
One family attempted to cash a $636 refunded check on two separate occasions, and both times, it was returned “insufficient funds.”
The other Tyrone family paid DiMemmo $560.74 for a dining room set that was to be delivered in two weeks, but three-and-a-half months later, the furniture still hadn’t arrived. The family attempted to have their money returned and a check was issued, however, the bank would not honor the voucher.
“What happened with the checks bouncing is that Hollidaysburg Trust closed that account,” said DiMemmo. “The checks that were out would have been taken care of if they wouldn’t have closed it. That’s what happened. I did not close that account, they did.”
According to DiMemmo, once the account was closed, Hollidaysburg Trust sent him the money that was in the account and he said it was placed with M & T Bank.
“The problem is, is at that time, I didn’t have all this money sitting around that I could make up for these checks that should have been taken care of by Hollidaysburg Trust,” he said. “I took care of most of them, but some of them I just couldn’t get taken care of.”
An action was also filed by a distributor who received two checks from DiMemmo for the purchase of two recliners. In the complaint, Kirby Manufacturing Inc. of Lenoir City, Tenn., states it received two separate checks from DiMemmo for the purchase of two recliners. One check was written for $2,966.06 from the Hollidaysburg Trust account, and the other was written for $1,770.13 on an M & T Bank voucher. The complaint states that both checks were returned “account closed.”
The woman from Houtzdale stated that she paid DiMemmo $741.94 on Aug. 2 for furniture that was promised to be there in two weeks, but it never arrived. She said she stopped in every week and DiMemmo said he would give the money back, but on three different occasions, he always gave her a different reason why he couldn’t.
According to DiMemmo, a loan has been secured from an out-of-the-area financial institution and he claims that once that money comes through, he’s “going to settle things.” He also said that much of the furniture that has been ordered will be on its way next week.
“I have a statement here in my store from Liberty Furniture that says, ‘Charlie, everything else that’s backordered will be delivered around the 20th of this month’,” DiMemmo told the Herald on Wednesday. “I’m a good honest business man who made some mistakes.
“The problem is that I tried to do everything myself. Right now, I have somebody handling my checking account and stuff like that,” he said. “There’s not going to be anymore problems.”
DiMemmo said he is disappointed with some of the families who he tried to help through the problems. He claims that on several occasions, a customer would complain about furniture they purchased, and he would reach into his own pocket to get them furniture they wanted.
“We figured it out (Tuesday night) and we figured I’m out about $5,000,” said DiMemmo. “And that’s because of the people that have my furniture in their houses and still got their money back.”
Two hearings are scheduled for Oct. 23 and a third is scheduled for Oct. 30. The hearing date for the Houtzdale woman has not yet been determined.
“I don’t try to try my cases in the media,” said DiMemmo’s attorney Richard Behrens. “The only comment I will really make is that we’re attempting to sort out the entire situation and we anticipate being able to resolve it in some fashion.”