Lewistown defeats Tyrone junior high girls basketball teams

The Tyrone Junior High Girls basketball team traveled to Lewistown on Tuesday. The Little Lady Eagles made the long trek only to drop a 43-32 decision to the Lady Panthers.
Tiffany Bradford led the Lady Eagle with 11 points, eight rebounds and four steals. Stefani Bryan had eight points and six steals and Sharon Long added seven points and seven rebounds.
“Lewistown always has some good shooters when you give them the chance,” said Tytrone coach Kerry Naylor. “They are pretty good. Lewistown always starts and ends halves well. Today for example, we trailed by just six points near halftime, until they exploded for four more points right at theend of the second quarter to take a 10-point lead at halftime. There are times, that I call ‘moments’ that determine the outcome of games. we keep reminding our girls about these sequences. That was a moment when we could have cut into the lead. Instead we ended up being way down. We are making continual improvement, we lost to this team 45-17 the first time we played them. We have come a long way since then.”
The seventh/eighth grade team fell to Lewistown 22-13.
Stefani Bryan fronted the Tyrone girls attack with four points and 12 rebounds and Elizabeth Tepsic added four points and seven rebounds.
“The seventh and eighth grade girls came out really flat,” explained Naylor. “I don’t think the younger girls have adjusted to the long away trips yet.”
The Tyrone junior high girls basketball squad hosts Bellefonte at home on Thursday with 6 p.m. set for gametime.