Letters To The Sports Editor

Dear Editor,
I am writing in regards to the Tyrone High football coach. It seems to me that he has misled our Team to a fare showing, at best. Taking nothing away from the Team that has done a great job despite the coaches’ efforts.
It is my understanding that a coach should try his best to put the team in the best possible position to win, any game. However our coach seems to have a different agenda. Maybe it’s a Division I job or maybe a bigger school. Whatever the reason his play calling is poor at best.
The first game with Bellwood. This game should have been ours, but for some very questionable play calling lead to defeat. More specifically the untimely passing game. First off let me say this our receivers and quarterback have more flat out skill then I have ever seen in Tyrone football. Our coach seems to think the “big play” wins games. This is so far from the truth. The big plays help you get back into a game but hard fought yards and clock management wins games.
The Lewistown game was the same way. Get back into the game and call for “the big pass” and give up all hope of scoring. Not because the Team can’t pass but because we are too predictable. “Go to the well too often”, does that ring a bell? We got some good yardage on the ground, so why not more. Not go to the long pass and put yourself in a second and long, or third and long.
The next game was with Huntingdon. Well, they are a good team and we gave them a game but could it to have been different? Short passes, quick hitting runs, changed snap counts, all keep a good team off balance. These are all easy things to do to give your Team the best shot to win.
The next two games we should, and did win. And then came Pius X. This was the best first half I have ever seen in High school football. The second half was a different story. I heard the coach say “keep the pressure on”, but that’s not what he coached! Tha Calls that were made seem to be to protect a lead not build on it. With that good of a team you can’t afford to sit on “any” lead. And then it came, the play that should have never, ever been called. With all kinds of time on the clock, after a great pass and catch. Momentum on your side and driving for the game. The play comes in from the sidelines, “lets go for the nail”….What….First down on their 30 something you go for it all???? How long has he been coaching???? I thought I had to be dreaming he threw another one away.
I feel bad for the kids, they don’t deserve to be brought to the edge and not be given the opportunity to taste the fruits of there labor. Time and time again loses that should have been and might very well have been wins if not for some very untimely play calling, If the Team is to lose, let it be that they got outplayed not because the coach didn’t give them all the, possible opportunity to win.
Dan McPhail
— — —
Letter to the Editor:
The Pius X Royals from Bangor, PA came to Tyrone on Saturday, October 5, to play a football game against the Tyrone Golden Eagles.
After 3 hours and 15 minutes on the road and a total of 193 miles one way, we hoped for a win against what we knew was a strong football team. We came ready to play a sportsmanlike game of football.
I must compliment the coaches, players, the Athletic Director for his hospitality, the security guards, concession stand workers and most of the fans.
However must to our dislike, there was a group of cruel and jeering fans who sat on the visitors side and heckled and made fun of our Pius team. This group had something to say about almost every Pius fan that sat on the designated “visitor’s” side of the stands. And it didn’t stop the entire game. They were derogatory against our coaches, slanderous against our players and foul-mouthed against the Royal fans sitting around them. If this is acceptable behavior in Tyrone, I feel sorry for the team.
Our players are taught to have good character and treat their opponents with respect. Our coaches do not accept otherwise and this respect is reminded to the parents and fans over and over by the coaches. We were appalled at how we were treated by this certain bunch of Tyrone fans.
I know that freedom of speech is a right in this country we live in, but in Tyrone, some people have abused this right. It was very hard to sit and take these comments against our team.
We have pride in how we play, how we follow our team (no matter how far our trips may be) and most of all pride in our school.
To the Tyrone fans whom this letter applies to….
#1 sit on the Home side during football games.
#2 keep your mouth shut if you have nothing positive to say about your opponent.
#3 let the players play and the coaches coach on both sides of the field without your comments.
Our win against Tyrone was so much sweeter because we were able to make these unruly fans go home quiet (something they weren’t all night long).
In closing, once again thank you to all the people who were hospitable to us and good luck to the Golden Eagles the remainder of the season.
A loyal Royal Fan.