Letter To The Sports Editor

Dear Sports Editor,
As a LOYAL Tyrone sports fan and a football Mom I feel it necessary to respond to both letters to the Sports Editor that were printed in the October 12, 2002 Tyrone Daily Herald.
First, in response to the Loyal Royal fan, I must confess that I am guilty of sitting on the visitor’s side bleachers. I have done this for many years-my reasons for doing this are varied and inconsequential. Granted there were rude Tyrone fans on the visitor’s side that was asked to move by Security, which they did. There were still Tyrone fans sitting throughout the visitor’s stands and I am sure in the heat of watching the game there were things said that were not in a positive light but in all fairness, things were said by both team’s fans. I can sympathize with the Loyal Royal Fan when it comes to being subjected to listening to negative comments about your team (I have even sat at a football and basketball game that my son was playing in and had to listen to an opposing team’s fan make negative remarks about my son!). I have sat through many sporting events where I listened to people’s comments and felt they were negative in nature, but kept my composure and yelled positive comments that much louder.
I normally do not “tattle” but in order to stand up for Tyrone and its fans I feel I must share something. The Pius X cheerleaders stood in the visitor’s bleachers the entire game-doing their cheers either in the stands or down on the bleacher walkway. Comments were made by both cheerleaders and adults that were seated with them regarding how they were not going to sit down because Tyrone fans should not be on the visitor’s side and they did not care if we could see the game or not. Not only did the cheerleaders stand-they took up 4 or 5 rows of bleachers and one of the adults also stood the entire game. This same “adult” was very loud and verbal-directing her screams at the officials, Tyrone players and coaches and Tyrone fans.
Once the game was over the Pius X cheerleaders left the stands but left behind all their garbage. I am sure that leaving garbage behind is not a major offense but I would think that cleaning up after yourself is a way to show respect as a visitor to an opponent’s field.
Unfortunately in today’s society sports have become a battleground, not only on the field but also in the stands. We hear and see things regarding parental/adult behavior at sporting events and more and more this negative, aggressive behavior we hear of is becoming commonplace in today’s society. The only way to stop this is with yourself and your actions-Remenber it is only a game and while players and coaches strive for victory, the players are to have fun while giving their best effort. The game is not played solely for the entertainment of the fans-it is for the kids! Let them play and if you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all. The negative comments directed at the players, coaches and fellow fans serves no purpose so it is time to stop.
In response to Dan McPhail’s letter I am not professing to be a football expert, I am just a fan and more importantly to me a football Mom.
Dan may or may not have valid points in his letter. I am not disputing or agreeing with any of his coments or statements. My opinion is there are always more events that occur that lead up to certain decisions that we are unaware of. These events are what shape decisions and while we may not always agree or understand the end result; sometimes it is best to not pass judgement. I have watched football practices and games for the last four years and I have come to the conclusion that ALL the coaches and staff from 7th grade and on-care about the kids and their efforts are all about what is best for the kids, not themselves.
I have seen Coach Meredith run with a young lineman to encourage the player and help him make his times. I have seen the line coach get right in there with the kids to show them techniques. I have seen Coach Franco take a young player aside and explain to him what he did wrong and show him the correct way to do it. Yes I have seen the coaches yell at kids when they screw up but I have also seen them pat a kid on the helmet and tell him what a great play he made.
Tyrone football is a sport heavy in tradition and we should be proud to be able to be a part of it, as with all Tyrone events. I feel we can best show our pride and support by cheering the participants on at each event and do not allow our opinions to cloud the fact that these are KIDS participating in a school event not professional, paid athletes paid to entertain us.
Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion.
Donna J. Myers
Sports Fan & Football Mom