Gun used in Altoona kidnapping stolen from Tyrone residence

Four people were arrested in a kidnapping in Altoona early yesterday morning.
Nikki Mussleman, Stephen Piner II, Joseph Mosey of Altoona and Rasheen Meyers of Flinton were arrested by Logan Township police.
The four alleged suspects took Adam Maher at gunpoint from his residence at 1216 46th street in Altoona. Approximately 45 minutes later, the suspects returned with Maher to the residence and attempted to regain money from Maher’s parents in exchange for his release.
Maher’s parents were able to call 911 and Logan Township police responded.
The four individuals were arrested. The gun used in the kidnapping was reported stolen by the Tyrone police earlier in the evening.
According to Tyrone police chief Joe Beachem, the .357 caliber pistol was reported stolen from the David Grazier residence on Lincoln Avenue at 7:45 p.m.
Mussleman, Piner and Mosey were charged with kidnapping, unlawful restraint, criminal conspiricy, receiving stolen property and harassment. Meyers was charged with kidnapping, criminal conspiricy, simple assult, aggrivated assult, reckless endangering another, terroristic threats and harassment.
In another police item of local interest, Pennsylvania State Police in Hollidaysburg arrested Zane Seilhamer and Mark Caldwell in connection with the October 5 rape and sexual assult of an Altoona woman.
Both men were arraigned before District Justice Craig Ormsby and were placed in the Blair County Prison in lieu of $80,000 bail.
The woman reported to State Police that on October 5, she was forcibly abducted from the Sheetz store on 6th avenue and Lloyd street in Altoona by two males. She was driven to Sinking Valley and was sexually assulted.
The investigation continues.