Grier girls record tennis win against Huntingdon

The Grier School defeated Huntingdon in tennis on Tuesday, to even their record at 1-1.
Grier defeated the Lady Bearcats 4-3 on a sunny and beautiful day at Huntingdon, who fell to 2-8.
Grier received wins from Isabella Couttolenc at the No. two singles, Maria Villarroel at No. three, Gintare Karalyte at No. five and the doubles duo of Couttelenc and Villarroel.
Josey Dunlap won an exhibition match for Grier also.
Singles: Jenna Shuck (H) def. Danielle O’Malley 8-1, Isabella Couttolenc (G) def. Beth Rutter 805, Maria Villarroel (G) def. Megan Carpenter 8-5, Lauren Southwell (H) def. Anna Garankova 8-5, Gintare Karalyte (G) def. Ashley Carbaugh 8-1.
Doubles: Shuck/Rutter (H) def. O’Malley/Ali Reed 8-1, Couttolenc/Villarroel (G) def. Carpenter/Catlin Christopher 8-0.
Exhibition: Josey Dunlap (G) def. Reed 8-1.