Brumbaugh continues call for debates

Stacey Brumbaugh today renewed her call for debates between candidates for State Senate in the 30th District, saying incumbent Robert C. Jubelirer’s claim that he is too busy to debate raises questions about his commitment to his district and respect for the people he represents.
Brumbaugh sent Jubelirer a letter on Wednesday, September 18, 2002 challenging him to a series of at least six debates before the November 5th election. He responded, through a spokesman, that he could not debate because he has a full schedule right up to Election day.
“Senator Jubelirer may be busy,” Brumbaugh said, “ but that is not the reason he doesn’t want to debate. He is afraid. He is afraid to stand before his constituents and defend his record. He is afraid to explain this failure to create jobs, his refusal to support public education and his support for a $1 billion tax increase in this year’s budget.”
Brumbaugh said public debates would give voters in the 30th Senatorial District a first-hand opportunity to compare the two candidates.
“I am eager to explain my plans to create jobs, improve public schools, and help older Pennsylvanians get the prescription drugs they need,” Brumbaugh said. “I understand why Senator Jubelirer is afraid to do the same, since he has failed to address those issues during his many years in Harrisburg. But fear is not a valid excuse to ignore his constituents.”
“Voters in the 30th District should be able to compare the candidates first-hand. They should be able to ask questions about issues important to their lives, and decide for themselves which candidates best represent their values and is most willing to work on their behalf.”
“Senator Jubelirer spends so much time in Harrisburg that he seems to have lost touch with the people he represents,” Brumbaugh said. As a wife, mother, attorney, teacher, and active volunteer in the community, Brumbaugh also holds a busy schedule.
“However, I am willing to make time for the people of the District. I have spoken to many people throughout the area and they need a Senator who lives and works in the District. They need a Senator who will work to create jobs and improve public schools.”
Brumbaugh said economic development will be one of her top priorities in the State Senate.
“Huntington County’s unemployment rate ranks 64th out of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties,” Brumbaugh said.
“Unemployment statistics are not just numbers, they are people who have lost the means to provide for themselves and their families. We need to create jobs in Huntington County and throughout the 30th Senatorial District,” Brumbaugh also said.
“I am willing to devote an entire debate just to the subject of economic development. Senator Jubelirer is not willing to debate at all,” Brumbaugh finishes.