Supervisors want study for water and sewer in Antis

The Antis Township Board of Supervisors held their monthly meeting Thursday evening in Bellwood to address new and old business within the township. The meeting drew a semi-populated public crowd whom displayed their interests in township issues.
One such issue discussed and approved by Antis Township supervisors was a request for the Planning Commission to initiate a study for water and sewer resources in different areas of Antis Township, and what the alternatives may be for extending water and sewer service throughout the township. The board will send a letter to the Planning Commission for action.
Supervisor Charles Taylor was confident that the study would undoubtedly benefit Antis Township. “I think we have a tremendous supply in terms of water and sewer resources and capacity available to the township. We have a great lack in many areas of distribution,” said Taylor.
He continued, “Giving the great resource that we have in terms of capacity with the reservoirs from the Altoona City Authority, Northern Blair Sewer Authority and the Central Blair Sewer Authority, it seems to me it’s worthwhile at least investigating whether or not it would be feasible for the township to somehow take a leadership role in initiating the development of that distribution center.”
Taylor noted, “Based on the last comprehensive plan about half of the residents in the township do not have access to public water and sewer.”
Board supervisors again discussed and approved the Planning Commission in regard to the Subdivision and Land Development Preliminary Plan Review. The board’s request was that they had documents that outlined procedures that the Planning Commission could follow in the course of reviewing Subdivision and Land Development Plans as the board can before the Planning Commission.
The idea of the document was to give them some structure and an outline that they could follow, along with providing some written documentation for the board that documented their review of the specific points of the ordinance, perhaps being of larger importance.
Taylor stated, “What I requested was that we ask the Planning Commission to utilize part of that document, specifically a worksheet, that outlines the important provisions of the plan so that we have some documentation of borough reviewing approval of those elements of the ordinance and any comments they might have.”
The board addressed the Edgewood Estates Subdivision request for final approval, which was deferred until a later date by supervisors due to the want of more information. The preliminary plans were approved and there was a conditional approval which allowed the developer to proceed with the construction, complete all the required improvements and then request final plan approval from the board.
Although some of the work is done, not all the work that was on the conditionally approved preliminary plan is completed. Basically, the board of supervisors and Antis Township Engineer, Chris Dutrow, agreed Edgewood Estates Subdivision wasn’t ready for final approval.
One reason the township supervisors were concerned delt with the inability of fire department trucks being unable to access the entry to the property in an emergency situation.
Dutrow added, “Specifically what was mentioned tonight delt with a private lane that’s going to be installed to access these lots, and the area where they (the board) were talking about has a 90 degree bend in the lane. I think that’s what they were concerned with – trucks not being able to negotiate that turn.”
Other issues decided upon by Antis Township Board of Supervisors included accepting the resignation of Tara McCloskey as Township Clerk. Board President Leo Matuszewski warmly noted, “With great regret we must accept this resignation. This is a very valuable employee who has really contributed a lot to our Township Office.”
Township board approved a request for the release of funds for the Bellwood Ambulance Association in the amount of $4,000. A scheduled date for a community recycling day was set for Saturday, March 15, 2002. The illegal dumping problem was addressed by board supervisors with speculation for perhaps setting up reward offers for those who would report such an incident, but no decision was made on the issue.
No action was taken by township supervisors on the approval of a new three year Union Contract due to technicality problems among board members. An executive session was held midway through the public meeting to discuss the managerial position that is presently vacant. The township accepted about 20 application and plan on interviewing six people in the coming weeks.
The Antis Township Board of Supervisors received a small reimbursement percentage of contributions to a legal fund made in support of COFFTOM, by which the supervisors agreed to donate the money to the Flight 93 fund from the September 11th tragedy in respect to those who gave their lives to protect America’s freedom.