Park renovations getting closer

Tyrone Borough is one step closer to installing new playground equipment at Reservoir Park and has received two proposals from state approved vendors. Tyrone Borough Manager Al Draovitch noted that revisions of the two proposals are expected this week that will more than likely contain changes and reduced quotes.
Sports & Recreation Associates, of Verona, and General recreation Inc., of Newtown Square, have submitted proposals for the new play areas. Since bth vendors are state approved contractors, the process of selecting a firm will only require the Borough choosing the propoal that will fit its need and the budget of $50,000.
“The desire of Council has been to move forward as quickly as possible,” said Drayovitch. He anticipated that once the final revisions of the proposals arrived at the Municipal Building, he would distribute the information to Council for review.
Sprts & Recreation Associates submitted a proposal August 28 that priced the project at $47,576. Included in the price are a side-by-side slide with canopy, an outrigger climber, a trap door climber, cliff climber, mogul slide, a 16 foot overhead glider,a typhoon slide — all a part of the section for children over five years old. A toddler area is also planned, with games and play structures designed for the little ones.
General Recreation, Inc. has submitted a $43,500 proposal that includes both toddler and child play structures, including an 18 foot curved track ride.
The playground renovations are being designed by Landscape Architect Steve Parks and Drayovitch said he has been working with the Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, the funding agency of the grant, in making sure the playground meets state and federal requirments. Drayovitch also noted that the new play areas will meet the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, as well.
The Reservoir Park playground equipment project is a “community install” project, meaning the grant will pay for the equipment and engineering, but not for installation. Tyrone Borough is also planning to build an inline skating rink, though Drayovitch said that it may have to be constructed in the spring due to the diminishing construction season.