Brumbaugh challenges Jubelirer

Democratic candidate for State Senator Stacy Brumbaugh formally challenged Senator/Lieutenant Governor Robert Jubelirer to a series of six debates.
This formal challenge came shortly after Brumbaugh appeared on the Andy Pappas Show on Altoona cable.
Brumbaugh wrote the Senator and in her letter said, “As candidates for State Senate in the 30th District, I believe we have an obligation to provide voters with a clear understanding of our respective qualifications and positions. The best way to fulfill that obligation is through a series of debates, forums and joint appearances.”
Brumbaugh went on to add, “The people we seek to represent should have numerous opportunities to see us articulate our positions and defend them in public forums. I am committed to appearing in as many such forums as possible, and to a campaign that focuses on issues and ideas. I hope that you share that commitment and will join me in giving voters the opportunity to evaluate, firsthand, our visions for the future of the 30th District.”
As of press time, Jubelirer has not responded to Brumbaugh’s challenge.