Area representatives pleased with selection of Sam Hayes

Governor Mark Schweiker appointed Tyrone native Samuel Hayes Jr. as the acting Secretary of Leglislative Affairs for the special session of the Leglislature that starts on Monday.
Hayes served as the House Majority Leader and Whip during his time in the State House of Representatives.
“Sam is the kind of guy who gets results on every level of government he has served in,” said David LaTorre, a spokesman for Governor Schweiker. “His record in the House speaks for itself. The Governor wants someone who can get his four points of Property Tax reform across to the legislature.”
The four points that Schweiker wants to accomplish are: solutions focused on affordability, long term savings, local tax payer comtrol and avoiding making a hasty decision as an election year gimmick.
“I am looking forward to being once again engaged in the legislative process,” said Hayes. “I’m glad to help Governor Schweiker; our lawmakers; and, the citizens of Pennsylvania.”
Hayes mission is to guide the legislative process during the session.
“What is done and what isn’t done are both very important,” said Hayes. “There needs to be a helmsman helping with the relationships and the process. Governor Schweiker wants there to be a good working relationship with the Senators and the Representatives, and my job is to make that happen.”
The selection of Hayes was applauded by local lawmakers.
“With Sam’s knowledge of the legislative process, he makes an excellent choice,” said Rep. Larry Sather (R-81). “It’s a full plate. There are a lot of agenda items that are to be discussed and hopefully some action taken on them.”
Property Tax Reform is the issue that is in the microscope, but David Atkinson, chief of staff for Senator Robert Jubelirer talks about some of the other major items on the agenda for the special session.
“There are a lot of bills to be put into motion,” said Atkinson. They cover everything from health care to eduaction. We have to act on lowering the legal blood alcohol level to .08 to comply with a Federal mandate, raising the cap on redevelopment assistance, school assistance and more. There are plenty of things to do.”
Atkinson said Jubelirer believes that Hayes was a tremendous pick.
“Sam is a master of the legislative process,” said Atkinson. “Sam knows how the State agencies work and will help move the administrations agenda. He will do a terriffic job in the role.”
With a full plate of legislation on the agenda, Sather hopes that something comes out of it.
“I hope it’s not another process without (Propetrty tax) reform taking place,” said Sather. “it will be a challenge to have tax reform with other bills yet to be debated.
Hayes will continue his role as Secretary of Agriculture.
“This is a first-time ever situation,” said Hayes. “I have the Department of Agriculture organized for a very productive team. We are ready and for sure, we will get it done.”
Hayes will serve the dual role until the end of the legislative session October 30.