A Positive Step for the Tyrone YMCA

The Tyrone YMCA took its first positive step towards erasing federal, state and local taxes that equal near $80,000 when a check for $17,694.50 was given to Senator Robert Jubelirer yesterday to go towards back taxes and interest to the state. It is also the hope of the new YMCA board that some of the penalties can be dropped as the board focuses now on re-paying both the local and larger federal taxes owed. A time table to pay the federal taxes has not been established .
YMCA board Vice President Linda Hershey told The Daily Herald “that the board as a whole feels its wonderful that they could take this first step towards the YMCA getting back in the black”. “and that the “Y” has a whole new board of great people whose goal is to see the YMCA succeed”. New board members include Phil DeHass, Rev. Terryann Talbot-Moses, Greg Bock and Shelly Halloran. They join the four members of the Executive Committee consisting of President Laura Burghard, Vice-President Linda Hershey, Secretary Tammy Emeigh, Dave Russell, Treasurer and board members Jim Bigelow, Luke Rhoades, Dave Sneath, Pete Dutrow and the Rev. Norman Huff.
Another positive step is the response the YMCA has recieved from the business community who have organized several unique fundraising ideas including the ongoing Punt Pass and Kick Contest started by The Daily Herald , Stultz and Brown and WTRN radio, also a Friday, October 4th event at the Tyrone Bi-Lo from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. A table outside the local grocery store will sell hot dogs and drinks and Bi-Lo will match the donations up to $1,500. On Saturday, October 5, at Tyrone’s Farm City Day, ham and bean soup will be sold along with apple dumplings and apple pies from the YMCA Dance Academy.
Another unique fundraiser will be implemented by Sheetz Inc.’s Tyrone and Bellwood location on Saturday, October 12 from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. Every gallon of gas sold at both locations will equal five cents towards the YMCA. Add another twist to this fundraiser as YMCA board members will pump your gas and wash your windows.
The YMCA is pleased with the response from the communities and the businesses as it continues to cut costs and remain optimistic leading into their annual fruit sale and a move up date on its annual fund drive to February.